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This is a great town that desperately needs new leadership. Because of how it is run the people seem very depressed to live there, however this can be fixed.
I can’t believe all the 3+ ratings left on here for Bonham. Chances are these reviewers never lived outside of Bonham or only know small towns just like Bonham. Nothing to do and nowhere to eat. No joke. If you have a bad experience somewhere swearing you’ll never return again, you will eventually because there isn’t anywhere else to go lol. Restaurants are mostly fried junk. The job market is horrible unless you enjoy working retail or fast food chains. If you flip houses or do real estate, there may be some sort of opportunity, otherwise, it’s filled with tweakers/meth houses, theft, and as previously reviewed, crooked cops. There’s a lake but I wouldn’t swim in it. The parks are sketchy/filled with drug dealers. The schools’ academics are so behind. It might be cheaper here but you get what you pay for. Sure there might be some nice people amongst the hoodlums but there are nice people in better places elsewhere too so why not choose to live in a better area?
Bonham is a small town with very few things to do. You have to commute for activities, a variety of restaurants, and entertainment. Bonham needs to add more shops and fix up local parks if they want to appeal to families.
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It is a small town about an hour and a half North of Dallas, Texas. There is nothing big about my small town. We have our farms, and small town charm. Everyone knows each other, and if your parents of parents didn't grow up there, then they have no clue who you are. However, it is a small town that is big on community and helping others.

In the end, it's my small town, where I have lived since I was 3. 13 years later and the town is still the same size it has always been. Although, we are building a new lake, so maybe it is growing slightly.
Very small town, people are so friendly. The school district will help their students to achieve their goals.
I really like Bonham i just wish things Whould change it is growing eveyday and gets new things but it still new a few thing like stuff to do Insted of Pepole Runing the street i know i am always trying to find something to do but never can so i can just come up whit things
Bonham, Tx is a very friendly town, low crime rate. The things I would like to see change is to see more things to do here and more job opportunities.
More activities for younger children and young adults. The schooling and sports opportunity is not very good. Teachers do not last in this town. There is not very many job opportunities in this town. The pay when there are jobs available is not very good. The cost of living is not outrageous, but there are not very many living areas available.
I do not live in Bonham but visit there frequently. Its a good town with lots of great people. Bonham is quickly growing and I am sure so will the choices of things to do will also.
I have lived in Bonham, Texas since 1985. My mother and I moved here from Colorado. I started school here in the 4th grade. Bonham is a peaceful town that has grown to about 10,000 people. There are a lot of elderly people that live here, as well there are more people moving to the Bonham area. A lot of people are moving here to get out of the big cities. My children were raised and went to Bonham schools. I still have one child in school he is a shophmore.
Nice small town that is growing. Has antique stores on the square. The court house will soon be brought back to it's original appearance. Home of Sam can tour his home & library full of interesting artifacts. Have trades day weekend the first weekend after the first Monday of each month. Has a small airport that host's airplane show every year...great for all ages!!!
bonham is awful. the armpit of America. crooked city leaders, money embezzlement, police dept mysteriously loses evidence from murders and drug busts...
Small town atmosphere. Crime isn't that bad, just petty everyday level. Schools are getting better and they are building a new highschool and agriculture bar .
There's a lot of drug trafficking in the neighborhoods. Nothing big time, but you know who belongs there and who doesn't.
The area is ok if you are retiring or have a large family that you do not want to take to the large metroplex. I believe there is still a lot of racism in the school system and the community as a whole. The employment opportunities are not increasing at ALL. Older residents reject change and progress.
this place is a wonderful place to have your kids grow up and be a part of a close community
i don't have to worry
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i love it because it a nice little town where there is not much you can do so no much trouble.
The area around here their's not that much crime but if their is the police will take care of it. They will make sure we are safe.
If I had a chance to live here again I probably wouldn't, just because I would like a better atmosphere I know that every where you in this planet their will be drugs, bullying or anything like that. But Bonham Tx. is overly filled with drugs the majority of the high school and junior high do or have done drugs their is a small percentage that have not done that. The atmosphere here is also that since its Bonham it's ok to lose at everything in sports or any other UIL programs, that mentality really hurts the students of Bonham we should have a mentality that what ever we want we should be able to do. Not to just stop because its Bonham it should be okay to give up.
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