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I just moved to Bondurant from Pleasant Hill and I love the town, we are right on the edge of bondurant and Altoona! My husband and I both work Downtown Des Moines and the commute is not bad at all. We love having the best of both worlds, day time in the city and peace and quite right outside of the city at home. We are both young with no children and enjoy going out, wherever we choose to go the drive is not bad. Everyone is very friendly and we feel very safe. Our home is a brand new construction and there are a TON of other brand new construction homes going up on our street. More lots most likely available in 2018 and 2019! We felt like we definitely got more for our money in Bondurant than we would of in any other city around Des Moines.
Bondurant was a very small community that is now growing more and more. Bondurant is a very friendly place to live and you have access to a local grocery store, a barber shop, and a restaurant. Small towns are so nice because you know almost everyone in your town. It is kept clean and you can take a beautiful walk around the lake any day. Our baseball fields are a big part of this town and our schools are booming. Our high school is fairly new and is beautiful. Everyone is friendly to one another and it is just overall a great place to live.
Bondurant is a lovely community. It is quickly growing and I would like to see some more additions to our schools.
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Being a fairly small town, there isn't much worry of any crime or violence. This is part of the reason for less police patrol in the area, but there is usually at least one sheriff in town.
New housing going up as I write this.
Lots of stability in the area. Everyone has a pet.
I feel extremely safe in my community. No worries.
I like the sense of community in this area.
My town is not very big so there are not that many local business, the new grocery store is very nice though.
My home town is very small so there are not very many jobs, but the people who do own businesses here I think get pretty good business.
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