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Everytime I go by this suburb of Richmond, I want to stay. and establish my future home. The area is notable for restaurants, retail stores and living for seniors, families and young professionals. Also nearby are interstates that take you from one side of the Greater Richmond area to the next. Within and nearby also are two major parks, two hospitals and several medical offices. Yes you will find a major store chain like Walmart and Target, but there are also many small chain stores and restaurants. The area is mostly quiet. You can believe that some of the best apartments may have a waiting list. This area is well liked by many.
Only a few annoying kids every once and a while, but other than that its fine.
I like my neighborhood, because its the suburbs but it still has nature, woods, and trees everywhere.
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Very little to no issues with crime. Children and parents feel safe to take walks around neighborhod.
Easy access to Midlothian Turnpike where there is a variety of shopping and food options. School systems are good.
My area is pretty peaceful and safe. Just out of my neighborhood there are a variety of places I have access to. I like to call it the middle of everything because everything is a fair distance from it.
When the weather is nice, a lot of people go on walks.
The police are good here and do their job well but crime does happen
The winters are cold and the winters are hot. Today's low is 30 and high is 70.
I think Richmond has as lot of unique restaurants such as River City Diner, Carytown Burger and Fries, ect.
I know a lot of kids my age (19-20) have a hard time finding jobs. If they have one, it's almost always minimum wage
RCVA is a local vape shop. Very friendly and helpful
Not that many public services in northern chesterfield.
While i live in a small neighborhood, there has been minor criminal activity, but mostly due to leaving cars unlocked and the like. nothing major and the police are responsive. I feel very safe in my home and neighborhood and the entire chesterfield area.
Richmond has a great climate the weather rarely impacts daily life.
Most everyone i know is employed, however, one friend had a difficult time finding a job over a couple of years ago. she is currently employed.
It is a good area for lots of diverse restaurants
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The area is great. It is close to the city, you can get around easily, not much traffic. lots of local businesses as well as chains. Easy to shop and buy local. love the area
Popular stores are walmart and khols
In this area its all about who you know in regards to finding a job.
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