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I am not involved so I don't know much about it.
Beautiful and can do mostly anything, plenty of land.
Most places are kept clean, some of the back roads have yards that are a mess
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It has been a good place to raise my children as the crime rate is low and they appreciate what they have and enjoy the outdoors
not a lot of traffic unless i go to town and that isn't really a problem either
winter sticks around for 6 months or so, so jeans, sweaters , jackets
We have the average McDonald's, Pizza Hut , Subway. Nothing special and the night life I would not know as I do not go to the bars.
I work in the school system which is nice as I have benefits, the down fall is low enough to be considered poverty level, $17,000 a year and I am the main cook for 1000 students and supervise 17 woman. I know I am crazy but not a lot of work in our area .
Martin's Store is a nice little mom and Pop Store. I go there quite a bit as I live 15 minutes from town and it is convenient to go there for what I need even though the prices are a little higher.
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