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Not much happens, but when there is an incident people are quick to show support for the victims.
Because it is a small town, there is not much room for growth economically speaking, but it's a good place for kids; with good school systems.
It's a small town of middle class families so there is little to no crime. The worst anyone could do would be the teenagers in town driving over the speed limit.
I love this area because of the countryside beauty and the great schools as well as all the wonderful people who live here. But sometimes it gets annoying having to drive ten minutes into the next town over for everything.
Overall, this small town has very few incidents of crime.

The new resident state trooper is great!
I bought my little house in this beautiful, quaint New England town hoping for a simple, tranquil life.

I did not have children at the time; but had heard that the schools here were "top notch".

Everything changed when my 2nd child received a diagnosis of autism at the age of 2; and transitioned into the public schools here at age 3. Our lives became a nightmare. I was appalled at how my entire family was bullied by the school district. Not only did they refuse appropriate basic services (such as transportation) for my autistic child; they treated my other children as if they were leopars; refusing to send the public school bus to pick them up.

However, two other school aged children who lived on my street were being picked up.

I had to constantly pay out money for educational advocates just to get them to provide basic services for my autistic child; which they were already providing for other students. My family struggled financially due to medical bills from the chronic conditions and illnesses of my disabled child. One Christmas, my children could not have presents because I had to give the money to an advocate in order to get the school district to agree to an ABA program for my child.( they were already providing this service to another student; yet refused this for my child).

As if that were not bad enough, my other two children were snubbed and ignored, and then bullied by other children in school and in the community. They were excluded from social events, birthday parties,etc. They suffered emotional damage on account of this. I wish we could move, but we cannot afford to.I am sad that my children grew up under these circumstances. I wish I had never moved here. I wish I could warn others not to move here in case you end up having a child with a disability.
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