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I just recently moved to Bolivar. I like that there are stores and restaurants close by and that it is quiet.
The houses in this area are usually great, not too much work. However, there aren't a lot of homes for sale most of the time. Also, there aren't a lot of places to rent around here.
The things I love about this area is that its quiet, I can go on a walk or hike and I know my neighbors and love my church. The things I hate are that most of the people in this area are rude and obnoxious, there are no job opportunities, and that the schools are terrible and only getting worse.
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Bolivar's only attraction is Fort Laurens, which is definitely a place to go and there are some fun family things hosted there and of course the tow path. However, the real attraction is 2 minutes away in Zoar...its actually Zoar itself, a historical town first settled by Germans (or the Zoarites) They do some cool reenactments there and a few events a year like Christmas in Zoar and if you are anywhere near, you must stop by and take a tour! Most of the buildings are restored to their original designs and there are some buildings that are still used for the same purposes, like the Bakery.
The worst crimes that happen in this sleepy town are middle and high schoolers experimenting with alcohol and drugs.
We live in Ohio, we have bipolar weather, get over it! The only thing I tend to get angry about is that we flood like every 2 years. Hopefully, this year is not another flood year.
Each restraunt and bar serves the same foods, just different hours. There are absolutely no nightlife options in this area and late-night food options include Wendy's, McDonald's, and Dairy Queen until 10pm.
The only job opportunities are: one of the 3 bars, one of the 4 small restaurants, one of the 4 fast-food restaurants, one of the two gas stations or one of the two small stores in this area. The problem is that the same people have held the majority of these jobs for years and that there are rarely any openings. When there are openings, you usually have to know the owner or management to get the job, not just have a good resume. Sometimes, it doesn't matter how qualified you are because the owners want to hire their friends. Most people in this area commute 30 minutes or longer to their job elsewhere. There are definitely no career opportunities in this town, you must travel. Also, the small business owners are not very professional. I know many times that my friends have complained about not having their order filled right and nothing happened about it and I myself have worked for two small business owners who simply stopped texting me my work schedule and would not reply to any of my calls or emails regarding the situation and when I went in to discuss it with them, they said they didn't need me anymore. Another boss of mine from a different small business in this area under-payed me, made me use my own dishes from home for their restaurant and never told me withing 24 hours when they wanted me to come in.
The local businesses in this area aren't very professional with their customers or their employers which can be nice for a small-town, "I know the owner" feel but not nice when you want specific things out of them. Also, there are not a lot of options around here for food or anything. We have one grocery store and a dollar general, two gas stations--too many fast food restaurant for a small town, and only a few restaurants and bars that all serve basically bar and grille food and not very good quality always. Also, not a lot of employment options for anyone in the area. In most cases, to get a job anywhere around here, you have to know the owner or management, you cannot just fill out the application.
It typical normal fast food chains, and some local places.
People tend to be fake nice in this area. And people manipulate people often.
People live here for most of there lives, most have animals, but in town have rules on which you can have. Community engagement happens often.
With a small town not much is a big name brand place. We do have a few but nice random places are very nice.
No house is the same, some old some new. Depending on who owns it, is how its taken care of.
We have a decent police force here in town always driving around.
It can get boring around here, but there are things to do in the next towns over. The small country town feel does make it a great place to live.
Recently a new path has been places in town and travels out of it for walkers, bikers, and anything. Not much public parking, but not much needed.
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Not much crime happens here, but small things do happen. People have been robbed and broken into houses. Also dead bodies have been dumped here a few times, but the body always links to other places.
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