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I live in a dorm at a college in Bolivar. My friends and I go to Springfield for things to do. One of the highlights in Bolivar is going to Wal-mart to play hide and seek. The people of Bolivar are nice enough and the area is safe enough. There is just not a lot to do in Bolivar.
It is a quaint town where people support the school and community activities. There is very little culture, though.
I feel relatively safe. No place is completely safe anymore but this is a small town and I think the crime rate is fairly low.
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I live in a dorm on campus. There is not a lot for college students to do. We will sometimes play hide and seek at Walmart. Sometimes go into the next largest city, that would be Springfield, MO
It could always be better, but whenever my bike was stolen they helped me out and responded quickly to my needs.
Bolivar is a beautiful town and i love living here.
We're like a big family. We share each other's issues.
Police are around but don't seem to enforce speed limits.
Its a small but with a big town feel.
I do feel very safe in our town however there have been issues, especially around the campus. There have been fueds between our local college and the young adults of the town but it has progressively gotten better and there have been many things changed.
As I have been a resident of Bolivar my entire life, I have had different views on the area throughout my life. While at some points while growing up I wanted out of this town so badly I could taste it, but as I have grown older I realize what a special thing it is to live in this community. Bolivar is not a large city by any means which has allowed me to have contact and relationships with almost everyone in my graduating class. We are a close-knit community and rarely can you go somewhere without seeing someone you have a relationship with. This closeness, while some view it as irritating and overbearing, has allowed me to be influenced by so many people. I personally know many of the local business owners and have been given so many opportunities to flourish and thrive because of this. As a member of my girl scouts troupe we have done many outreach opportunities in our community which has allowed me to give back to the town that has inspired me so much! I have been shaped, tested, and molded by so many who make up this great town; it has given me a sense of community and diversity all at the same time.
Its average not to bad not too good.
Our middle school area is sketchy.
There isn't enough to do here.
It's a nice neighborhood, just needs more excitement
Bolivar is a small town that has the essentials, but not much more than that.
Only fast food places for the most part, so mom and pop places but the quality is average
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Very few places to chose from. Not alot of quality jobs. Lots of fast food jobs
Mom and pop mostly. Nothing special or brag about. Outdated items
more variety needed in the area
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