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Bolingbrook is a growing community with a great school system. It has a park district that offers a lot of recreational opportunities for people of all ages and there is businesses that provides services for all populations. It is a diverse community with high property value.
Bolingbrook is an ok place to live or visit. The neighborhood that my parents currently reside is really quiet and peaceful, though unfortunately that doesn't necessarily apply to all of Bolingbrook as a whole.
I've basically grown up here. I have lived in this growing town since I was four and couldn't imagine being anywhere else. I have met my closest friends here, made them my family, and grew with them. I have a home here. I have had all my life's ups and downs here. This town is amazing and there is always something new coming around the corner. It's definitely a cozy place to settle in and grow with it as well as with the community.
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Great town! very clean. the neighborhood is really growing. lots of food options parks and shopping centers to enjoy.
I LOVE BOLINGBROOK! Everything about Bolingbrook is great. The schools, the stores, the diversity of people. Not only is Bolingbrook great but also it's neighboring cities.
I have been a resident of Bolingbrook my entire life, as well as my father and his five siblings. Bolingbrook is located in the perfect location from Chicago, not too close and not too far, with a commute time of about an hour. The library, park district, and village grounds are spectacular. However, I wish there would be a change in the amount of activities throughout the year. It is hard to find somewhere to hang out with friends without traveling to neighboring towns such as Naperville and Plainfield. I do appreciate the large amount of diversity, especially within the high school. In other primarily white suburbs, students face culture shock when they attend college. However, it is not the same with Bolingbrook residents, which is an important factor about living here.
I've lived here almost my entire life and have had some amazing experiences here. Bolingbrook has helped mold as into the person I am today. Safe neighborhoods and greats people.
They have real nice park district facilities and programs. I would like to see their schools be a little stronger.
Love Bolingbrook!!
Have been living here for over 12 years now and it feels like home town. Great neighborhoods, diverse community, stores, restaurants, best park district, close to downtown Chicago, what else you want? People complaint about schools here but I am a firm believer that schools can do only that much. End of the day if your kid is the 'hard working type', you will find ample support/opportunity in all Bolingbrook schools.
Mayor and our police department do everything to keep our town the best of all!!!
Kind of boring and monotonous but safe overall. Quiet and a good place to raise children. Most restaurants in short driving distance. Close to Chicago so that's a bonus as well.
Beautiful community, with friendly people and convenient location. School system is less than desirable. Close to stores and restaurants. Easy transportation to downtown Chicago. Adjacent to Naperville.
Bolingbrook is great! The area is pretty safe and there are many local businesses and stores here. Bolingbrook High School is a great school as long as your kids stay with the right crowd, like all other schools. The principle, Dr. Pascavage is amazing and very involved in the school.
I enjoy the diversity of Bolingbrook. It has a warm feeling within the community. With plenty of places for entertainment, Bolingbrook has a great variety of restaurants and shops for your everyday needs. This town has come a long way with size and provides great opportunity for jobs and careers at every corner of town.
Bolingbrook is very diverse. There are many activities here, and the schools are pretty good. It is also very safe, and there are many friendly people.
Bolingbrook is a very family friendly, safe town and it is also very diverse. The diversity in integrated throughout the public school system, and it helps the students grow into well-rounded students. Bolingbrook is also 35 minutes from the city of Chicago which makes it easy to make a day trip.
Bolingbrook is a wonderful city. The education, especially high school, is very strong and supportive of its students, and the community is just as supportive and friendly. People here care about each other and neighborhoods are both inexpensive and serene. Only downside is that the neighborhoods may become very quiet and peaceful and if you're a person looking for excitement, this isn't for you.
Bolingbrook is a great place to live. It may have a bad reputation from surrounding towns as being "ghetto", but that is not the truth. There is an older section of town, but by no means is it run down. Bolingbrook has everything you could possibly want in a town, and if you're not satisfied, a short drive will yield you everything you could want.
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I have had an average experience living in Bolingbrook. I say this because I come from a small town I had to get used to a few things. For example, the property of our house and the properties with surrounding houses are basically sitting right on top of each other. I do not like the confine spaces of living in a suburb. Another thing that I dislike about Bolingbrook is the traffic, especially on Weber. I still have yet to get use to the traffic out here. However, I enjoy retailers and restaurants being in a close proximity to myself.
I've lived in Bolingbrook my whole life, and I'd say it's a pretty great place to live. I love all of the restaurants and stores there are near by, and even though we have the promenade, I wish we had a more centralized downtown area.
Close to all major expressways, plenty of great shopping, restaurants and fitness centers. Bolingbrook has a nationally ranked Park District with excellent programs from all ages. A great place to live and raise a family.
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