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Bolingbrook is commonly known for its diversity, and it is what makes this village great. Although the school system isn't at it's best, the students definitely enjoy themselves everyday at school and look forward to another day.
Bolingbrook is a diverse and friendly town with easy accessibility to highways as well as many restaurants, shopping centers, and other activities nearby.
Bolingbrook is a great place to live. The village is extremely diverse which helps make it great for raising kids. The schools are great. The town is safe and there is so much to do and eat!
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Bolingbrook is a wonderful town with beautiful houses and is geared toward growing families. I love it!
I like my community because it's very diverse and has a lot to offer. It's a normal area that has good and bad but you can access lots of things. Bolingbrook has many stores and restaurants, but also offer public recreational areas with lots of parks and preservations areas. Overall I enjoy living in Bolingbrook.
It is a growing town with so much diversity all over the place. There is always more and different stores uprooting into the community.
It's a nice community the has been growing a lot and the last couple years. There is a lot of job opportunities took look for. Living era is very nice and quiet not a lot of activity at night really calm. Schools are ok not the best but have improve a lot as well. Hopefully soon it would be consider a good city to live in with coming years.
It was a great experience working with different people and getting to know the area. There are a lot of restaurants you can eat and there are gas stations and the price is low and they open a new grocery store
Bolingbrook is a growing community, right off the expressway. They have developed some great shopping areas within the community within the past 10 years. We love their park district and library! Bolingbrook is a richly diverse community.
Has a lot of fun activities for families throughout the seasons. Local police are always roaming the streets.
Within Bolingbrook you will find everything as far as shopping, restaurants, nightlife, community, and family oriented attractions. Bolingbrook has everything you could want in a suburban town. You will never have to leave town for any of your daily errands. Bolingbrook has two movie theaters, five Starbucks (including the ones inside Macy's and Target), two Meijer grocery stores, one awesome promenade shopping mall and much, much more.
Depending on what side of Bolingbrook you are located on your experience changes. On side where Bolingbrook is closer to Plainfield and Naperville, the neighborhood is very secure and clean. Kids are always out on the streets playing from early mornings to late evenings. Location wise it is also great, lots of convenient stores, gyms, office buildings, hospitals, and places for entertainment.
Bolingbrook has improved much over the past 20 years. There are many shops and restaurants nearby, excellent access to major highways, schools are good, property taxes could be lower. Village fiscal management needs to improve dramatically.
Bolingbrook is a great town with a lot of activities to do. There's a promenade (outdoor mall), Bass Pro Shop, IKEA, and many places to eat to name a few. The best thing about Bolingbrook is the diversity. Growing up a in a place with so many cultures and social statuses made me a diversified individual.
I've lived here for 35 years and raised a successful kid here that went on to complete college and graduate school. Its a great town and I witnessed the explosive growth over the years. I would like to keep it a secret because I missed that small town life it used to be when nothing was here. I purposely steer folks to Naperville so we can stop the growth here. This town is family focused with vibrant community events where most take place behind the village hall during warm weather months. This is a place that feels like home. Other nearby communities have the bigger paying non retail jobs so you don't necessarily be forced to commute to Chicago for good work. If warehouse work is your thing Bolingbrook has a million of those jobs.
Bolingbrook is a growing community with a great school system. It has a park district that offers a lot of recreational opportunities for people of all ages and there is businesses that provides services for all populations. It is a diverse community with high property value.
Bolingbrook is an ok place to live or visit. The neighborhood that my parents currently reside is really quiet and peaceful, though unfortunately that doesn't necessarily apply to all of Bolingbrook as a whole.
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I've basically grown up here. I have lived in this growing town since I was four and couldn't imagine being anywhere else. I have met my closest friends here, made them my family, and grew with them. I have a home here. I have had all my life's ups and downs here. This town is amazing and there is always something new coming around the corner. It's definitely a cozy place to settle in and grow with it as well as with the community.
Great town! very clean. the neighborhood is really growing. lots of food options parks and shopping centers to enjoy.
I LOVE BOLINGBROOK! Everything about Bolingbrook is great. The schools, the stores, the diversity of people. Not only is Bolingbrook great but also it's neighboring cities.
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