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I love the city, but I hate the traffic and lack of sufficient roadways. It has plenty of activities and things to do, and lots outdoor and indoor choices. The back drop of the Rocky Mountains is such a beautiful view, especially at sunrise. I grew up in the area and I wouldn't live anywhere else.
Boise is safe, fun for all ages, and generally just has a great community. However, the commute time is getting worse all around boise
I have loved my experience in boise, I love the downtown community, the recreational opportunities, and the healthy atmosphere. The people are so kind and very sporty, I have indulged in hiking, biking, snowboarding, and paddle boarding at Lucky Peak while living here. I graduated from Boise State, and absolutely loved studying on the beautiful campus. The city is so inviting and there are so many opportunities to get involved in the community and the outdoors.
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People are generally kind and friendly. However it is difficult to adjust to the local high school atmosphere as a newcomer. Boise is a neatly organized community and includes various entertainment sources.
LOVE Boise. Fantastic local culture and friendly, welcoming people. Perfect combination of urban involvement and innovation with easy access to outdoor activities and endless areas to explore (hiking, biking, rafting, backpacking, mountain biking, etc.). Adorable up and coming city with constant new developments yet easy to navigate and maintains friendly small-city vibe. Amazing local food options, clean and organized downtown area, and tons of community and local events such as farmer's markets, live music, block parties, and more.
Boise is an awesome city! It is full of fun and good vibes. Great downtown area and BSU is full of exciting events
Boise is everything someone could ask for. It has rivers, mountains, skiing and a diverse community. There is something for everyone in Boise!
Boise is a beautiful place that isn't too crowded, yet. Boise offers many hiking trails and rafting opportunities.
I love living in Boise! The weather is perfect; I feel like I get to experience every season. City life is fun and exciting, and mountain life is just a skip and a hop away.
Its a great city with lots to do, but the public transportation is lacking. Gas is also fairly expensive for what it used to be at about 3 dollars a gallon
I love that Boise is growing but still retains elements of a small town feel. Even though it is one of the fastest growing cities in the US, you can still find a strong sense of community, as well as some of the nicest folks you'll ever meet.
I was born and pretty much raised up in Texas. So coming here for me was a huge adjustment. However, it is the most unique place I've lived. Low confrontation rates, better traffic situations and socializing is more in depth.
Boise, if you don't already now, is currently the fastest growing city in America. There's reasons for that such as lower home costs, low crime rate and plenty of things to do. I've lived here all of my life and after lots of traveling I have been shown that there is no other place that I'd want to live besides here in Boise. The people here are very kind compared to other large cities and states. The best way I could explain Boise is like a mix of a big city with lots of businesses mixed with your average small town. Boise has the best of both worlds.
great city really i wanna live here and share everything with their people ut seems to be a good experience for me in the future
I grew up in Idaho, and lived in Boise, Idaho for around six years. I have loved it and the opportunities it offers.
One major thing that I love about Boise is the beautiful scenery and the amazing hikes that they have. The rivers and the mountains are amazing and perfect for camping.
Boise located within the "Gem State" of Idaho is just that, a hidden gem. Sure, we are known for potatoes, and we have a lot of them and know a thing or two about it, but Boise the small but growing city is absolutely beautiful. The terrain, with the foothills and mountains to snowboard and ski, the rivers to fish and float down, the local coffee shops and breweries, and the overall outdoor life is next to none when comparing all that it has to offer. The people are friendly, and the town is extremely safe. It has the small town feel with the city vibes that makes for a perfect balance.
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I love living here! The community is very friendly and lighthearted. There is so much to do, especially if you are an outdoors person and/or have dogs.
I think Boise is an awesome place and it is definitely a quickly growing community. Some downsides are the fact that it still has the outline of a small city and so it has a lot of ways to grow and develop in order to be able to handle how much it is continuing to grow. On the upside a growing community can be a great place to be in.
Boise is a great place to live if you have a young family or are into outdoor recreation. The Boise river is a beautiful asset to this community. The people are friendly and overall seem happy. The weather is very erratic although we do experience all four seasons which can be enjoyable. Snowboarding, skiing, boating, camping, hunting, fishing, hiking are just a few of the activities many Idahoans enjoy and frequently take advantage of.
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