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Boise is growing town and is getting more and more things the longer i stay here. The area is beautiful just though and through. Im glad I moved here.
Boise is an amazing place to live. We get all four seasons and there is always something to do. The only thing that is annoying is the amount of construction because so many people are moving here, which I think proves I am not the only one who thinks it's great.
Living in the nation's number one fastest growing city definitely has it's list of benefits. To start with, Boise has an extremely welcoming community. There is never any hesitation with anyone when it comes to expressing themselves. The community within the "City of Trees" are filled with high amounts of respect, as well as diversity. Around every corner there is always someone, or something new. I believe that the culture residing in Boise is very unique. Every resident has a strong character to themselves and that just adds to Boise's greatness. It is without any hesitation whatsoever that I am proud to say I have grown up in Boise my entire life.
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Boise is the most upbeat friendly city. I am so thankful to call it my home. Most people are friendly, various good places to dine, lots of fun activities for kids and families. It is not far from outings and has a lot of diversity.
Too many people have moved to Boise too quickly. Housing has skyrocketed so that middle class people can't afford housing or rent. Crime is rapidly rising, along with sprawling development and rude people from California. I would NOT recommend moving to Boise; it has lost its charm and has become another urban sprawl.
I love the food and the accessibility of everything the greenbelt is great! I wish there was better public transit.
This list & it's numbers are so out of date. Prices are skyrocketing, crime is growing & it's no longer the kind, lovely place it was before so many from so,cal moved here.
There are lots of diverse people here and people are accepting of other beliefs and cultures. This area is very different from any other part of Idaho, and I feel this should be a pitstop for anyone visiting Idaho for the first time. We don't only grow potatoes!
Should not have a B+ for diversity. Or tolerance. I have actually heard numerous comments about "sending them Californians back to Mexico where they belong". And have been told that God does not condone interracial marriage. Not sure what century some of these bigots live in. Very crowded. Lots of traffic. Long traffic lights. Not much beautiful (not desert) nature unless you drive 2+ hours. It is safe and the schools are decent but over crowded. Job market is poor and wages are low. Do your research.
Although I was not born or raised here in Boise Idaho, I'm now glad to call this place home. The city itself is not too big or too small and you get to experience both the city and country life at once. Downtown has many bars, restaurants and activities to join in on during the weekends. It also has all the outdoors activities year round such as biking, hiking, fishing, snowboarding and skiing.
I love living in Boise Idaho, it's a safe city but there are still things to do. It has a great downtown area, which is only a few minutes from the Boise river, which is a great place to go swimming and rafting.
Wonderful city! I enjoy living here. I like the foothills. Nice community. Boise is great for dogs. Boise is also great for families.
A very under the radar city to live in. The people are friendly, easy to find your way around, and housing is very affordable. People like me tend to enjoy the outdoorsy feel to the city with the trails, mountains, and recreation.
I have lived here my entire life. I truly love this city. Boise is a big town with small town ideals. People are friendly and helpful, and it's a very inclusive place for all religions, races, and genders.
I love Boise. The area is on track to become a big city. The area right now is under renovations all over with implementation of new apartment buildings and new structures. But not without reservations as to keep the area clean living and green.
Boise, Idaho is the best city to be alive in. I was born in Kansas and raised in the mid west, very bland and flat. However, boise has friendly people, amazing culture and small town feel in a small city. They have endless opportunities for everyone to succeed in this wonderful city.
Boise is not the greatest place in the world. Despite what all these other reviews are stating, Boise Idaho plain sucks. The summers are short, the winters are long and drawn out and the cabin fever sinks in. The people here are NOT friendly at all, in fact they are very cliquey and standoffish here, most of the locals here do not like transplants and won’t even give you the time of the day. The doctors aren’t the greatest, the education is one of the lowest ranking in the United States and the rent here in going up every year but our minimum wage is still only $7.25 an hour. I would never move here if I was given the chance to come back I would t come back, stay away, unless you like the cold and depressing inversion weather and enjoy being cooped up all day then by all means welcome
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Boise is a friendly community with all sorts of things to do. The environment is beautiful, safe and alive. I have lived here all my life and could never imagine a better place to grow up and have a family.
Boise is the new Portland. While still a small city, Boise has begun attracting major companies as well as cultivating its own corps of local artisans. Despite the lack of good public schools, many families come to the area attracted by the reasonable cost of living and hipster vibe currently growing downtown. As Idaho's capital, Boise is the most liberal city in the state, underrepresented in the extremely Republican government. While not the most exciting city, Boise gets more interesting by the year.
Fun and friendly place! Beautiful mountains surrounding the valley. Everyone that comes here, never wants to leave!
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