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I just wish that the traffic and transportation system would be easier to navigate. Other than that, there are lots of things to do. A plus is that you can have city life, then head out to the foothills to shoot.
I like living in Boise. I always feel safe, and traffic is never too bad. Living downtown I am walking distance from many restaurants, bars, and stores. I lived in Utah for a while but decided to move back and go to Boise State University because I missed it here so much.
I have been in Boise for 4 years. Boise downtown has the feel of a big city. Bicycle friendly area, lot of stuff to do especially if you love the outdoors. Lots of parks. The Green Belt is amazing. Not much diversity and pretty conservative. August gets very smoky when wild fires season his the Pacific Northwest.
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The city of Boise is always populated with places to grab a bite to eat. I enjoy the different event that go on around downtown every weekend. Saturday market is a place where community comes together and enjoys food, coffee, and fellowship.
I love all the various types of entertainment and beautiful outdoor options for family friendly activities here in Boise.
Boise is a "big little town". . .it has the amenities of a big city for the most part, but also has the charm of a small town. There is plenty to do outdoors, which is great!
I visited and am still on the fence as to whether this is a place I would move to, mostly because people were rude there. For example I was walking near downtown and some young men in a car passed me on a corner and gave me the finger for no reason. It seemed out of place on such a nice day, and rubbed me wrong way. Boise was clean and seems fairly affordable though wages appear low. But it's the attitude there of the people (locals and those who have moved there from elsewhere) that makes me wonder about the city's livability.
Great city. Hidden gem in the US. Local event are always unique and fun, always something to do. Close to anything you can think possible outdoors!
Boise is an amazing place to live. I am an adventurous person who loves the outdoors and Boise has catered to ability to get outside easily. My adventures start right outside of my back door. Boise needs to improve its infrastructure to host it's growing population. Twenty five thousand people moved to Boise last year, and more are coming.
Boise is growing! It's a beautiful town full of friendly people. Lot's of new structures, parks, and places to hike and camp. Good schools.
Boise has been my home for 16 years and I am still learning about it each day. It is a good place to raise a family, and experience a variety of cultures.
Boise is such a hidden gem! I've grown up in the state of Idaho my entire life but have recently really experienced Boise in the last year. One thing people don't completely know is the variety that Boise has to offer. You are twenty minutes to a good hike, thirty minutes from the ski hill, 15 minutes from water to go boating. There are so many chances to get out and enjoy what the city has to offer. Our community has such a diverse group of people, one of the largest being the Basque community here. After traveling, I've also come to realize that Boise has some of the most kind-hearted humans around. People are so helpful and willing to talk to strangers, it's such a rarity. That is why I love where I live.
I love Boise! There are so many things to do and I love living next to the foothills with green belt access almost anywhere.
Boise is a great town with a beautiful river running through it. Morning jogs by the river, hiking in the foothills, or exploring downtown are all enjoyable activities.
Boise is a very nice place to live. It is very friendly and there are lots of activities and events going on all the time. I have lived in much larger cities, and it's so nice to have less traffic and shorter lines at the DMV. It makes it easy to live here. Not as cosmopolitan as a larger place, but for someone with a family I think this is a really wonderful community.
I enjoy living in Boise. I enjoy my location, and that there are plenty of things to do around me. I also love all the dining options there are here.
I just moved to Boise because my boyfriend transferred to BSU. The environment is amazing. The people are friendly, it's easy to get around, and it's very family friendly
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Boise is a small city with not to many things to do, though it is still nice. The only downer is that so many apartments and hotels are now being built everywhere, and because of newcomers, traffic is getting worse.
I personally love Boise. I moved there when I was 12 years old and at first I hated it because I was first going into Junior High and I had left all my friends behind. When I made new friends in Idaho I started to come around to it. Boise introduced me to competitive soccer, hunting, and camping. Now I consider it to be my home and I even have and Idaho shaped tattoo!
I Love Boise! it has great scenery and so much to do! If you're a fan of football we have good ol Boise State! Nothing compares to watching a football game on the Smurf Turf. Looking for a good hike? Table Rock gives a great view of the valley and is a very easy hike. Floating the Boise river is a must in the summer and in the winter enjoy a fun time on the slopes at Bogus Basin ski resort.
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