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Boise is filled with wonder. Idaho may seem like a place where potatoes grow but there are much more than that. If you are into adventure, this is the right place for you. Idahoans enjoy skiing in winter and rafting during the summer. All the activities can all be practiced right here in Boise. Boise is a great place to live.
I love Boise, and will probably never leave! It is the perfect mix of small town and big city. The people are friendly and the city is clean and beautiful!
I like the closeness of thing but I would like to see the construction be completed faster so that the different projects don't stack up.
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I moved to Idaho when I was sixteen and fell in love with foothills and the weather. Now in my adult years, I have been able to embrace all that Boise has to offer. I can ski, mountain bike, hike, and run in the foot hills throughout the year with some activities overlapping the seasons. It is also a great place to raise kids. Like me, my son and daughter are loving all that Boise has to offer.
When I was growing up, Boise wasn't huge. I loved that. You always ran into someone you knew, Boise State was only special to people in Boise (people outside of Idaho honestly didn't know who BSU was), it was small. Now it's grown into this huge city, houses are going up left and right and people are moving in from all over the US. I don't blame them for wanting to live here, but it's turning into something I don't recognize.
Boise has a lot to offer, but a lot to learn. The proximity to outdoor activities is unbeatable and has an immense amount of public and private land lent to the community for enjoyment in the form of biking and hiking trails, wildlife preserves and BLM. If the city wants to retain its desirability, then these lands must remain undisturbed by urban sprawl and lax building codes. If you continue to allow homes to be built into the foothills and across trails, that allure of natural beauty and unadulterated wildness that Idaho is renowned for, people will stop enjoying the city and move away or will stop moving here period, reversing the currently enjoyed economic and diverse growth.
Boise is a community filled with kind individuals of all types. Wherever you go you might see someone you know or meet someone new. There is a wide range of activities available that gives the community a feeling of connectivity.
I like how Boise has a small community of people, although the schools can be a bit white. There seems to be a lack of minorities in the school system.
I love it! Especially the greenbelt! I love being out in nature and Boise provides plenty of opportunities for that.
We have lived in Boise for 12 years and love it here. It's family friendly and pretty safe. Everything we really need is close and rarely have to travel for most shopping.
Boise is a beautiful city, its only problem is low wages and their lack of affording housing. It has a lot of green areas, but the city itself is boring.
Boise can be beautiful and lively. Like any other city it has it's pros and cons. I am in downtown Boise quite a bit. It is prettier than other parts but it can be dirtier. I am a very visual person so that affects how I feel about the environment I'm in. I love the summer with all of the trees and geese. The winters can be gray and dead. My favorite part of Boise is the food and accessibility, and the worst are the drivers.
very clean, quiet, and safe city I have ever lived! I love living in Boise. I would like to recommend everyone who never lived here before.
I'd like to see a decrease in the homeless population, and an implementation of better programs for that group of people
It's a really great place for kids to grow up, many nice neighborhoods. Downtown Boise is becoming really self-sufficient, green, and is full of really great local businesses.
I love Boise. It is my home. Boise is great because you get to experience all four seasons, it's easy to get around, people are friendly, and it's a wonderful place to raise a family. The environment is beautiful with an array of outdoor activities available close by. My favorite feature of Boise is the Boise Greenbelt to run or just take a relaxing stroll on. If there was anything I'd change about Boise, it'd be raising the minimum wage. While it is relatively affordable to other places, cost of living is still increasing, but the wage is stagnant and making it difficult to live comfortably without working multiple jobs just to get by.
I love Boise. There is always some fun event going on and easy to find by the local entertainment paper(Boise weekly) or even Facebook. There is a strong community sense. The public transportation system has grown quite a bit within these last years. I would like to see downtown Boise Restaurants become more local. There are so many chains opening up, that support big corporates but what about supporting your neighbors?
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Boise is a great place if you love the outdoors. You can ski, hike, float the river, etc. Winters are way too cold for me though. And people cannot drive. At all.
We love the outdoor activities available, with Skiing only 30 minutes from town! Great restaurants and family activities are available. We love our neighborhood too!
Boise is a great place, whether you like to enjoy the city life or if you love the outdoors. Boise has the right balance between both. The amount of kindness here is unmatched. People here in Boise are always willing to lend directions or even throw you a smile.
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