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I love living in boise because of the scenery, friendly family living and activities, and outdoor life opportunities. I love the kind attitude of the people. I also enjoy that it is such a dog friendly city. Recently my husband and I went to a gas station to get some drinks and got free dog treats from the cashier because we had our dogs with us. Most hikes allow dogs off leash as well. I appreciate the beauty of the trees and mountains lakes and rivers, and also the shopping and restaurants, you get the best of both worlds here.
Small town feel, but with lots to do and see. Close to the great outdoors with rafting, skiing, hunting, mountain biking, snowboarding, and motorcycling.
I love the size. It's a pretty tiny city but has a great feel. I love the focus on the family. Most areas are safe and really close to fire stations and other services. The shopping options are great too! There are a lot of fun things to do down town for everyone of all ages.
Boise is amazing. Lots to do outdoors and beautiful seasons. There are so many trees and seasonal activities. I was born and raised here and still fall in love with it.
I have lived in Boise for all of my life. It is a beautiful city. It's a fairly progressive town in a very conservative state. Our university, Boise State, has grown immensely over the last several years, so there is a thriving college lifestyle here. Boise has many bike paths, and the Boise river runs right through town. Unfortunately wages are extremely low and rent is very high. If I could change one thing, it would be the low wages. It's time for most of us to have a raise!
Boise is a very nice place to live. There is so much to do in Boise, but it still feels like a smaller city. There are a lot of people and a lot of nice parks, shops and restaurants. It feels safe and it is filled with very nice people. It is a great place to grow up and raise a family. The schools are very good and it is a quality education.
Boise is a small beautiful city. It is growing really fast because of it's massive appeal. It has a small metropolitan area with growing public transportation, surrounded by gorgeous mountains. There is a music scene, nightlife, yet Boise still maintains a small town vibe throughout most neighborhoods.
Boise has a lot going for it for a small city. It's pretty and people are not afraid to be kind to each other. I haven't been here very long but I get the impression people are health conscious and into outdoor activities.
Boise is a great place to raise a young family, be outdoors, or a hipster on the growing downtown scene. It is very conservative and very white. If this doesn't make you excited, I'd turn back now, because it will cause issues down the road.
Boise in the summer is very beautiful. They have a lot of festivals and is family-orientated. It is growing very fast and a lot is changing.
Boise is an amazing place to live! We recently moved here from Las Vegas, Nevada and can't be happier about our choice to move here. It is a very safe city to be in. There is also a very wide range of activities to do including indoor and outdoor. The mountains are very close to any part of town, you are even able to go hiking right at the edge of town. We would recommend Boise to anyone who is wanting to move to a family friendly city!
its a great place to live and raise a family and there are plenty od things to do and easy to stay safe. I used to not like living here as a teenager but as I grew up I realized that it was a diamond in the rough when it came to small cities that are growing into larger cities across the united states. it is really a privilege to live in a town such as this and it would be a great place for out of town persons to move to.
I love Boise because there is so many outdoor activities available close to the city and even within the city itself. We have the green belt, that makes it easy to get across the treasure valley on a bike. There are also a lot of hiking trails right along the city. If you're into geocaching you can find many along the trails and downtown. The people here are very friendly. Another plus side is the downtown area of Boise has a very cool vibe and is great for young adults. They have many cheap and good sushi places. Plus they have many free events downtown. Like Saturday Market and Pride.
I like how the outdoors are just outside of town. It makes an easy access to some of the best places on earth. The weather isn't to bad either. I would like to see the infrastructure change. I feel like public transportation isn't that accessible, and parking in some areas of the city are difficult on a weekend.
Having moved here from California, I have found Boise to be a much slower-paced city. The people here have been very friendly to me so I am quite pleased with this location. The police officers I have talked to have been quite informative about local laws and regulations.
This city feels like it's becoming a bigger city, yet it still has the smaller city values. The people are nice and everyone around cares. The job market is decent and the schools are excellent.
For a larger town, the people in Boise are exceptionally thoughtful and kind. Businesses call you back, drivers let you turn first in many cases and customers are generally kind. It's easy to get to know people when you come new to town. Social groups and clubs (ie: library reading time, kids soccer and Bible studies) are easy to find and jump right into. There are churches using translating headsets for refugees coming into town (Life Church among others). Best yet, I've been driving there for more than a year and I have yet to be pulled over!
Boise is all around a great place to live and visit. I currently live here and I have never been unhappy with this place. You get all four seasons as well as have so much to do for events. The people are my favorite though, almost everyone is so kind and family oriented.
I've grown up in Boise and I honestly don't think I would have been raised anywhere else. I spent a lot of time riding my bike in my neighborhood with friends, playing along the Oregon Trail and Boise River, and swimming in Lucky Peak. My elementary school was and still is one of the highest rated in Boise. Being one of those states with "all seasons" means a wide variety of activities throughout the year. Whether you enjoy the outdoors (which Boise offers a lot of) or indoors, you will find something for every day of year. We even have the largest Basque community in the US. Great food, intriguing history, and friendly people!
Boise may seem like a city that's not too important, but it's a very safe and wonderful community. Almost everyone here is genuinely kind and thoughtful to others.
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