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This town is amazing and full of fun activities and people. Not only can you have a bustling city life in Boise's downtown locations, but less than an hour away in any direction you will run into beautiful landscapes perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, skiing, and more! Boise is also full of fresh, local areas full of food, fun, and excitement for anyone.
A city that has low crime rate, lots of great activities to do, and has some of the nicest people in the world.
The community of Boise is unlike any other community I've seen across the country. The town has the vibe of a small town, but is on it's way to being a larger city like Salt Lake City or Portland. Boise people, at least natives, are always very nice and understanding.
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Boise is such a fun place to be. It has fun places to visit and places to enjoy. I love the way boise looks too. It's such a cute town and it has so much in it.
Boise is not too big and not too small. We experience all four seasons, and there is something always to do! People are friendly. And the city is clean.
I love Boise. It has been a phenomenal place to live. We live right by the river and the college is in the middle of town. There is a Church on every corner and the people here are still good.
Boise has a lot of great activities available to its residents. However, the minimum wage makes it hard to be able to afford anything. Traffic is okay, but gets pretty heavy around work times.
I go to school at Boise State University and being around the Boise community has been great. I feel safe and everyone here is very friendly, which makes it a comfortable place to live. There is a lot of Bronco spirt and on game days you see the community come together over a common love. One thing that I would love to see change is having more street lights in neighborhoods.
Boise is a beautiful city in Idaho, there are many things to do such as ski, swim, hike, or enjoy a downtown night life. The residence are very nice but sometimes can be a little close-minded and that is my only concern.
I moved from a very small town to Boise, so I like having the convenience of almost everything I could need so close to me. Overall I really like it, the people are friendly and make me feel welcome when I tell them I just moved.
Boise is not only beautiful and full of great things to do (art, music, movies, parks, concerts, and events) but it's full of really great people. They're just so nice and kind. No matter where you go, there are always people that you can have a great conversation with and have fun with. There's a pretty good nightlife, and the outdoor activities are amazing. Everything from hunting and fishing and camping to skiing and swimming and boating. The Treasure Valley (aka Boise) is truly a treasure.
I just recently moved to Boise from Alaska and enjoy many of the features throughout the city. It seems to have great road systems for travel and the amount of job opportunities has been incredible.
Boise is a growing community full of opportunity & excitement! There is something happening everyday and people are eager to help you with anything you may need.
Boise is young, with beautiful scenery and plenty to do all year long with hiking, camping, swimming.
Growing very fast, Boise still has a good balance of outdoor activities and culture that make it a great town to live in.
I really enjoyed living here in Boise. Safety is one of my concern, but here in Boise I feel safe anywhere I go. Also, I think people here are really friendly and nice. There isn't a lot of diversity though. I am born and raised in the Philippines, and when I moved here in Boise I didn't see a lot of Filipinos which is kinda upsetting but now it's getting more famous, there are more and more Filipinos from California that comes here. The only thing that I hope is there are more things I can do especially when I have time to go around. I am aware though that Idaho has a lot of beautiful scenery, like Stanley and McCall. I am enjoying my time here in Boise and not planning to move anytime soon.
Great city to live, and raise a family. In the past year the housing cost in the city and state of Idaho has been at a great increase. Many people have moved to Boise, which contributed to the increase of cost of living.
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Boise has beautiful blue skies with a river that runs through it. Little traffic and friendly people.
It is so peaceful here. I love how the seasons change and how friendly everyone is to everyone else. i have loved living here for the last 9 years.
Boise is a great "small" big city. It has a lot of things to do with a low crime rate. You can walk around your neighborhood at night without being concerned. It is a conservative place but a friendly place. If you want to move here, be ready to accept our core values of friendly people, family orientated and simple lifestyle.
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