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Great place to live, you are close to everything you could ever want to do. You can get to mountains, rivers, and lakes all within an hours drive. Downtown is pretty at night and always offers things to do.
It is a beautiful city with so many activities and things to do overall. Since we moved to Boise for school, we had a lot of fun outdoors. Also there are a lot of nice restaurants and people are super nice too!
Boise has a lot to offer; it is growing fast but still has the small town feeling. Even with the continually growth the outdoors are close; you can hike, camp, boat, hunt, and swim all within an hour of the city limits
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I love Boise, I've grown up here. It's a city, but doesn't have the craziness of places like LA or NYC. It's full of amazing restaurants everything from Thai to your regular American food. It's quite an adventure living here, and I can't wait for more in my future.
Boise is a great city. Its not to big not to small. Plenty of open space and fresh air and wonderful view of the mountains. The Boise river is the center of Boise. Lush green vegetation and cool waters during the summer make's the city more lively. Aside from the Boise there is a plethora of river systems all throughout the state, hence the nickname the "Whitewater State." Even though the world politics can be pretty nasty, people here are pretty friendly and respectful of others views.
Boise is booming and being a Boise native it has been hard to watch Boise grow at such a rapid rate. All of the things that used to make Boise such a great place to live are changing and not necessarily for the better. Boise is experiencing such rapid growth that the current infrastructure is not set up to support it. Traffic is really getting unbearable, especially at peak commute times. My fear is that for all of the things that make Boise such a desirable place to live, the people that are moving here are going to change it so much that it won't continue to be the Boise that I have grown to love so much.
The neighborhoods feel quite safe-- I'm never afraid to run alone after dark. The outdoors is also quite beautiful and there are several places nearby to go on outings, either by yourself or with your family. Everyone is genuinely nice to one another and the atmosphere is amazing!
Boise, ID is amazing! I grew up here and I am still not tired of it. The city is small, but not so small that you run out of things to do or places to go. There are beautiful trails to hike, run, and mountain bike. You meet and see new people every day yet feel like it is such a small world with all the friends you run into around town.
Boise is full of fun and loving people. When you are in Boise you will experience a small town with big city hopes. The downtown area is filled with many cool locally owned shops. The best shop I went to was called Boise Art Glass. They have amazing handmade glass sculptures and jewelry. You can also take classes and blow your own vases, cups, etc.
Boise is great, accept for the fact that it is being over populated by people at an alarming rate. With more people comes more business and on the bright side, more job opportunities. Downtown Boise is the life of the party, tons of good cocktails, beer, and food. renting one of the motor scooters around town through an app on your phone gives you a great experience for a decent price. meridian is on the outside of boise which is where you can find the village of meridian, also full of good cocktails, food, and beer. Biggest downside is this is the state with the lowest minimum wage and highest gas price. With constant demand for real-estate increases the price of rentals that just never seems to be going down.
Why all the hype? Boise is the worst place to live and this should mean a lot from someone that lived in almost every state. Cost of living is high, no jobs, Idaho ranks 48 of 50 in education, Dmv loves to register your car and when you walk out suspended your registration so that they can impound your car. This happen to me and my friend. The Air quality control board states "we sent notices" hmm, That's funny we never got one. The courts are very corrupt and crime is getting bad, meth and gangs mostly. I will not go into some neighborhoods even during the day. Traffic is brutal especially on Eagle Road. Boise is also very boring, I saw everything to see within my first day here.
I honestly think this town is a nowhere pit. It's always the same and nothing new or exciting ever happens. If you like the outdoors then perfect because Boise's the place for you but, if you're anything like me that shopping and fine dinning is my thing then Boise isn't for you. There's overall not much to do and not very exciting or fun.
It's an awful place. I've lived in many different states and Boise is only good according to all the podunk hicks around
Boise is a great place to live. The population is booming driving home prices up and up. It is getting harder for locals to find affordable housing and rent because of the fast influx of people here. Boise is always ranked in the "top places to live/retire/stay active/raise a family" etc. Because people are hearing more and more about what a great place Boise is, more and more people continue to move here. Roads and schools are struggling with keeping up with the growth that has been experienced over the past 15 years or so. Schools are becoming over crowded and roads need to be expanded to keep up with all of the growth.
Boise is a very good and safe place for kids to grow up in. There is not much criminal activity, and when there is, police usually find the person fairly quickly. It is growing rapidly population wise, but I would like to see more changes in diversity and acceptance.
I have lived in Boise my entire life and love living here. Though the valley has experienced a lot of recent growth, I think it's still a great place.
Boise is a great, clean, beautiful city that's got some city culture to it while also being small enough to allow you to escape the hustle and bustle and go out into the great outdoors.
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I like Boise. Since I moved here when I was 4 Boise has grown a huge amount. But the community still stands very good. I think the town is very clean compared to other cities that I have visited. Boise is a place I plan to live after college.
I was born and raised here in Boise, ID. I will raise my children here. It is a bigger city that feels like a small town.
I love the outdoorsy life that Boise provides such as the green belt, the river Bogus Basin. It's one of the safest places to live, rarely is there harm around, and most of the people here are friendly. While Idaho is a conservative state, Boise is pretty liberal, but you get a wide variety of people which is nice. Since more people have moved here, the traffic has gotten somewhat sucky, which is something that could be changed, but overall a great place!
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