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I like Boise overall, as I am someone who is active and enjoys nature. There is a lot of opportunity to spend time hiking and camping. However, whoever planned the city was not expecting anyone to ever want to live here, as the growth is currently overwhelming us. No one my age can afford to live on one salary and young people are becoming less able to buy a house. The streets were not designed to handle this much traffic and the public transport is abysmal, just basically useless. I do feel very safe here, which is a positive, but the salaries here are pretty bad. The racism is subsiding a bit, so that's also positive.
Boise is a great place to live. There are a lot of activities to take part in, especially outdoor ones. People around here are usually really friendly.
We had a lot of fun and found so many different things to do. The city was beautiful and the people were very friendly.
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Boise has so many things to offer! And is a short drive from the mountains or farmland. It’s very versatile.
I've lived in Boise my whole life. There are many friendly people and many fun things to do. In the summer, I love to float the river or go up to the resevoir.
Boise is Idaho's capital city—both a cultural center and a playground for those who love the outdoors. A vibrant downtown area affords fine dining, theatre, music, and college and semi-professional sports. Downtown Boise's main attractions include the Idaho State Capitol, the classic Egyptian Theatre, the Boise Art Museum, Julia Davis Park and Zoo Boise. Outdoor enthusiasts have year-round activities such as whiterafting, mountain biking, hiking and skiing. The Greenbelt follows the beautiful Boise River corridor for more than 30 miles, and the Boise foothills are home to miles of hiking and biking trails. This city has it all!
This city is AMAZING!!! I relocated here temporarily for work from Texas and absolutely fell in love. Here you have 4 seasons, great food, and plenty to do all year round. Whatever your love or passion is I'm sure you'll be able to feed it in Boise. From lakes, to gorgeous mountain views, we have it all.
We moved here two years ago and loved how friendly everyone was, helpful, no rude drivers etc...
In the past two years of our experience, and know numerous lifelong residents, it has changed drastically. A huge influx of people from other states, have brought their bad attitudes with them, especially from California.
We, and the lifelong residents hate to see this happening. It’s sad, it has now become just another city.
Speaking with “good people” friendly, helpful, etc... most have a plan for leaving Idaho. Thousands of acres are being swallowed up by groups from Texas.
We will begin working on our exit strategy as well. It was a great year and a half.
I overall love Boise, its a beautiful town. I also love it because it has other close cities where my family members live. One time my family got to do a mud run while visiting family. I love how there are so many places to go and see. and the weather is also very nice.
It's a beautiful place to live. Wonderful restaurants, friendly people and lots to do. Boise is all about the outdoors. We have biking, hiking, fishing, boating, canoeing, white water rapids, festivals, fairs, concerts just to name a few. We are also about the arts. We have an amazing Shakespeare festival that goes all summer long with 5 different plays to see. Boise contemporary theater and so so much more. We are the fastest growing city in the country because we are a great place to live.
I grew up in Boise, born downtown at St. Luke's and attended several schools no longer around, ie. Jackson Elementary, and West Jr. high. I graduated from Borah High in 2009.
I love the big city feel that downtown Boise can offer and yet just 20 minutes away you can feel like you are in a rural country town.
Boise is a beautiful city with a river running through it. Outdoor recreation is minutes outside of downtown Boise with various hiking and biking trails.
Boise is such a great place to live. It has everything nearby or in close proximity. Such as mountains for mountain biking in the summer or skiing in the winter. The down side is the housing market is crazy right now.
I love Boise, the people are so friendly and it really feels like a place I could raise my future family. Sure it's growing at an alarming rate but that's only because people are finding out about how great it is here. Truly a hidden gem in the US.
I've lived in Boise all of my life, and I can say without a doubt that this is a great town to be raised and live in! This city has certainly grown in the past years, as similar opinions of this city have appeared over time. While this may not be good for the locals who have lived here for years, it has certainly made Idaho an appealing (and unfortunately more expensive) state to live in. One of the best aspects of this city are the local programs that frequently occur. Some examples of these programs are the Saturday Market, Basque Festival, and Alive After Five. All of these programs encourage people of all ages and ethnicities to join in on the fun. Another appealing aspect of Boise are the local hiking trails and other outdoor activities that anyone can do. Take Table Rock, for example. It's a well known hiking trail that anyone can do and see a beautiful view of the city at the top. Overall, a lovely city!
Boise has a wonderful mixture of downtown fun to nice suburban areas to live in and raise a family. I was born in Boise and I have lived here most of my life. I have found, having lived in other cities and in the South American country of Bolivia, Boise is a very safe and friendly city. The city is rapidly growing with more neighborhoods, and despite this growth, it continues to manifest its humble beginnings with various history centers and original buildings. I enjoy walking a local path that winds through the city called the Green Belt. It is well maintained, follows the Boise River and passes by the local university: Boise State University. My family and I would often ride this path on our bikes, passing by to get an ice cream and skip rocks by the river. As a cross country runner, I had the opportunity to get to know these paths and the city running with my high school team. Road closures are an often occurrence in the summer, and less of them would be preferable.
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Boise has a great downtown, activities going on all of the time, the best hiking/biking area. Most importantly it has lots of great nearby dog parks and lots of the areas are dog friendly so I can always bring my dog along
I love living in Boise, there are so many different things going on to keep you busy. Throughout the summer there are many conventions and concerts that pass through the town and if that isn't your cup of tea there's a lifetime of outdoor activities in the local area that you can partake. The city is extremely safe with low crime rates and the community is extremely friendly.
The people are friendly and come together to keep this city amazing. The crime rate is very low making it a great place to live and raise a family.
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