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Boiling springs is a great city to live in. It's country like yet still city like also. Distance to attractions are okay. Neighbors are quiet and not nosy.
Sleepy town
Great for starting a family or retiring
Large older European population
Growing and expanding quickly
I like that Boiling Springs is very quiet and friendly small town. The residents are very nice and helpful. They are also friendly , are able to tell if your not from around there in which they welcome you with a very nice warm greeting. I also like that this town is not to far from everything, it is kind of near the big cities. For example Spartanburg and Greenville. The town is also very city like. It has most of the big stores like Wal-Mart, Bi-Lo and Ingles. There are many restaurants to eat from like Zaxbys, Grapevine, Applebees and etc
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It's a nice, rather upscale community in Spartanburg, South Carolina. There are many subdivisions popping up every year, and the community just keeps growing. Nice, mostly safe place to live.
I moved to Boiling Springs when starting high school. My dad got a job in SC and my family moved down South from Ohio. I have now lived here for 8 years and I love it.
Boiling Springs is an amazing town! The people here are friendly, diverse and huge sports fans! The community is growing at a rapid pace and i love it! With businesses continuing to thrive it has positively impacted overall property value. It was important for me to raise my children in a community where I know they will be safe. We chose to live in Boiling Springs because of the low crime rate. The school system is one of the best that Spartanburg, South Carolina has to offer! The kids here thrive because they are being taught, in my opinion, by some of the best teachers in South Carolina! Boiling Springs is the place to be!
I live in Boiling Springs, SC, and it isn't a bad place. There is a big variety of restaurants and shops to choose from. The main part of the town is located on highway 9, which gets busy in mornings and evenings, but you can find almost anything along this road. Lots of construction is always going on, because it is growing! The high school is getting crowded and is planning on building a new school. The people are friendly and sweet. The best place to eat is zaxby's. The school district is very nice and one of the best in the state.
While I enjoy the small size of Boiling Springs, I miss how it used to be. My town is now very busy with the new restaurants and stores making their way in.
Nice, small town atmosphere. Growing quickly. Easy access to many colleges. Downtown has a good night life and is a safe environment.
Amazing town, friendly people, loving people, huge on sports so if you come down here you better love sports! We are especially huge on football!!
My hometown where I was born and raised. Is a rapidly growing community with several major franchise businesses like Walmart and McDonalds, but gives off the quaint little community feeling. Mostly middle-class residences, but everyone has that southern hospitality vibe.
I would like to see more effort put into the public schools; most of the schools, boiling springs middle, boiling springs 9th grade campus, and boiling springs high school, are very old. The town is becoming very over populated so its only necessary to fix up the schools and make them bigger, or knock them down completely and make new bigger schools for the overwhelming population. The night life is very active, I used to think it was safe, but very recently its become not safe. There are more crimes compared to just 5 years ago. Cars are being broke into, banks getting robbed, people getting killed, etc.
I live is a safe area
It is a great area to live in, the area is going everyday
There is little to no crime in the neighborhood
I love where I live because it's calm and quite
There really is not a ton of crime that goes on here in Boiling Springs that I hear of.
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Glen Lake is a nice neighborhood but all the houses look the same is shape and color. Since 2010 or so, most of the house are the same coloring but with brick added to them. Since 2006, this neighborhood has gotten three new expansions but they still have one pool and one clubhouse under a HOA.
I very rarely see crime in my town. I feel safe and do not worry.
This area has a small time vibe even though it's grown so much in the past 11 years that I have lived here. Living in Upstate South Carolina is not something I would pick if I were rich. I'm more of a beach town girl. The crime rate here is low and there are plenty of jobs and few homeless people. I see this town only getting better in the years to come.
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