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Boiling Springs is a quaint town in which live very kind people. The school system is excellent and everything is within walking distance, especially restaurants. However, Boiling Springs is lacking diversity wise and should try to appeal to a broader ethnic base.
A family-friendly town that seems like it came straight from a novel. The town centers itself around Childrens Lake which is continuously filled with 55 degree water straight from several natural spring bubblers. The lake is home to many types of water fowl and fish and is the main gathering point for the families and friends of the town. There may not be corporate shopping centers or movie theaters, but all this town needs is a coffee shop with a view of the lake, a tavern where friends can gather, and the Appalachain Trail where everyone can explore and learn. Boiling Springs is the perfect place to raise a family, retire to, and even a great place for young adults due to it's central location to other towns and attractions.
Overall, it is a nice place to live. But for me as a person who cares about social issues, there is work to be done with racism especially. I wish we were more liberal.
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Boiling Springs has one of the beautiful lakes in the area. It is a small town, with a great high school, many small shops to browse. It is close to all the major shopping centers, pizza parlors, major food chains, and has one of the most popular restaurants in the area, Boiling Springs Tavern, Which is always crowded. Love this small town!!!
Boiling Springs is a little town just off of Carlisle but it is a great town. The people are wonderful and I would definitely choose to live here if I had to do it all over again. Boiling Springs has a lot of historical monuments in it that many people are able to view. This biggest and Prettiest monument is the lake. The Boiling Springs lake sits right in the middle of the town and many people and families with go there often to fish, or just to walk around it. The lake is also used as a beautiful setting for people to take prom pictures, senior pictures, and even engagement pictures. Overall, Boiling Springs is a great place to live and grow up in.
The biggest local events are probably the car show, Hershey Park, and the Gettysburg battle field. The car show is the only one of these attractions that is located in my area-Hershey and Gettysburg are both almost an hour away. These bring in a lot of people and the locals are extremely welcoming and helpful to outsiders. Boiling Springs is very small so we don't really get big name attractions our way but Baltimore is kind of close as well as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh (only a few hours away) so if you really want to see something you can travel there. Washington D.C. is also only three hours away so that is a very easy day trip to go see a baseball game, The National Mall, or just to walk around. New York City is three hours north of us so it's the same deal as Washington D.C. (My family and I take a lot of day trips). So if you are willing to travel just a few hours, you can find really every type of cultural atmosphere.
This is a major biking area. It seems like everyone bikes to and from different places. The roads are great for biking/walking because they aren't too heavily congested (except when you start to head to the city directly next to us). I don't see many buses or taxis around here. However, there are bus services for retirement homes, hospitals, and churches that are used frequently to transport the people within those businesses. Car use is pretty average here...Everyone drives rather slow though so I don't see many accidents or problems driving compared to the last place that I lived. But because the roads are so narrow here, when there is an accident, traffic can be held up for hours.
I live in an area that is extremely well protected from the elements. It seems like any time there is a freak storm or extreme weather that it passes right over us. I think we live in a basin sort of thing; living protected by the Appalachian Mountains. We do get a lot of rain and that proves to be an issues because there really isn't a good drainage system underground. On top of the rain, we get a lot of thunderstorms which causes our power to go out way too much. In our area we also get a lot of wind. It doesn't do too much damage but it does create an issue with power lines, trees, and patio furniture. We also are not prepared for snow (not enough snow plows, salt etc) and we mainly use back roads to travel so even the smallest amount of snow can become a hindrance.
There are really only a few restaurants (chain places like Red Robin) in my area. I would say there are only two bars that I know of but that may be because I am only 18 and don't really party that much. There are a few really nice unique restaurants-a deli place and a place with a nice kind of atmosphere-that my family often eats at. If you travel 20-40 minutes outside of my town, you can find almost anything from high end restaurants to inexpensive dives. If you are willing travel then there is a great variety in food places (not so much in our actual town though...)
Like any small town with too many people, jobs seem rather scarce. There aren't any major businesses around so a lot of people are stuck working retail or a food joints. However, the town is growing so jobs are becoming a little better. This is also a big area for living but traveling outside of the town for work.
I live in a very small town so there aren't really major stores or restaurants around. People mainly shop at antique or consignment shops or they shop at yard sales. There are tons of antique shops and thrift stores and every spring/summer, yard sale season begins!
The natural beauty of the lake, forge, and fly fishing is unbeatable.
It's temperate, so the summers are usually hot and the winters usually cold. The spring and fall are beautiful though.
There are many family-sized homes in the neighborhoods outside the town center.
It's a quiet and quaint small town. It's very historic and has a lot of natural beauty.
Our small town is very well known for our family-owned Italian eatery, Anile's. While providing a variety of delicious Italian foods to all customers, the greatest of their meals is their pizza. It's a popular date restaurant as well as a general go-to restaurant. Among Anile's is the ever classy Tavern next door. The Tavern is a common fine dining for dinner and go-to bar for all kinds of celebratory events. Another popular dining place among the townspeople and outsiders alike.
The town that I live in is very safe. As a female, I feel at ease walking or running around my town by myself. This is a feeling I have always had. It is a very upbeat, happy go-lucky town, where people are always out and about whether visiting the lake, passing by on the Appalachian Trail, or just hanging outside their homes. The policing around town is well managed and they always show up within a reasonable amount of time if necessary. Crime rates are considerably low although the increase in drug use has affected the safety of the town partially.
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Able to get the basics; a lot more options within a 30 minute drive.
Most are profesional & jobs seem to be limited. There does seem to be a lot of trucking & warehous jobs nearby.
South Middleton Park and Spring Meadows Park are both in Booling Springs and they are both connected to each other. Spring Meadows Park is mainly walking trails and used for soccer and a few other sports. South Middleton Park has a creek running along it and has a tennis court, basketball hoops, baseball and soccer fields,picnic tables and a volleyball net. You can walk the trails too. You can walk from either park and end up at the other park. Walking to and from each park is about threr miles. Gettysburg is about 35 minutes away.
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