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9 reviews
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This area has no apartments but some townhouses. It would be nice to have apartments in the area for those that are just starting out on their own.
The city has no entertainment to offer but there is plenty in the other cities within 30 miles.
Other than the fact that our Fire Department is a volunteer department I can't complain about the emergency responders in the area. The police force is small but we don't have much of a need for them in our city. Our county's sheriff's department is doing a good job about keeping the drugs under control. We still have a drug problem here same as the rest of the country but we don't have much of a gang presence outside of the schools. There is more of a problem in Shallotte and Leland than in Boiling Spring Lakes. We don't have many stores to have a shoplifting problem so it is usually kids or adicts breaking and entering and stealing from homes where there is no one at home.
The schools need improvement, there needs to be an influx of industry in order to support the younger families that live in the area. We have a major influx of retired individuals in the area and the only businesses in the area are clothing retailers, big box retailers, and restaurants. If we are to continue to grow in a positive way we need industry. This would also increase the tax base thus infusing funds into the schools budget which will improve the schools.
I would most definitely choose to live here again! It is a great area, the atmosphere is always happy and calming and easy-going. Southport is definitely a small town, but it is a great area and in the future I see it becoming more and more popular. It is a great town on the Cape Fear river, and it is just beautiful.
I've lived in Brunswick County for over tens years now.
The employment here is fun but it doesn't pay very well.
All in all, the food and drinks in the area are good. They aren't 5-star, but they are decent for a small-town area for where I live.
It's good during the summer due to tourist season, but also bad because people from the college north of us come home and it gets crowded quickly. During off-seasons it's still bad because places are usually not hiring unless you have 5-7 years of experience and if you have a degree.
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