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BOHEMIA is a pleasant area to live. There are many tree lined streets and homes range from very large to modest. The elementary school, John Pearl, is small and personal. Although there is no town area shopping and banking are close. Nearby entertainment includes movies, bowling, parks and the beach. One unfortunate aspect is the property taxes.
My user experience has been good. It has been very easy to navigate the site. Since, this is my first time using this site, I have not run into any problems that I would see fit to changing.
Not an issue here check your police reports
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Bohemia is surrounded by many famous towns in Suffolk, we are close to the LIRR, north and south branch.

We have access to biking, hiking, and some of the best parks in Suffolk county.

We also can pick up the ferry easily in Sayville, another great town with Local shopping.

I'mm not sure who you surveyed but I would bet based on your list it was predominately Nassau county.
Theres not much crime here at all, and whenever there is a little something, or an accident, police respond rapidly to help. As do fire fighters because I live right next to the fire house sub station, and our main one is a few miles away.
I absolutely love living in Bohemia, New York. I have traveled to multiple other states, but this is by far my favorite. Everyone on my block is a huge family and growing up in the school system here was great!
Mostly single family homes. Affordable compared to surrounding communities. Safe.
Everyone gets along and watches out for each other. Small town feel. Friendly.
Never known of a burglary. Everyone watches out for everyone.
Neighbors are very nice at least in this court. Newer neighbors Don't seem as respectful as others. Maintenance is good.
The rare occasional house robbery. Police are always responsive. Very safe area to live in.
Friendly old time neighborhood. People look out for each other. Properties are well kept. Good mix of all ages and backgrounds. Very peaceful community. Neighbors respect each other. Enjoy living here and would definitely choose to live here again.
Good place to be raised.
Parks are nice but have odd hours/rules
Never feel unsafe living in this area, don't hear about much crime
Summers aren't too hot, winters aren't too cold. Good balance
Took me forever to find a job in this area, and when I did find one I had to drive 20 minutes away
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Not a lot of variety
The community here is a small, strong supportive one. In times of need the local church, schools and people come together to assist someone who has fallen on hard times. Local events have been established to help those in need and it is amazing the amount of people who come out to help, that is what a community is about.
We have water surrounding us so the outdoor activities are endless. There are plenty of parks and beaches. The are wildlife areas with surrounding parks as well mostly deer and fox. The pollution seems to be high due to the amount of cars & people living on this small island.
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