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The area is under cared for and the people in town simply could careless about their community and how they play a role in the upkeep of the town.
Small and few parks for children.
We have the four seasons here, so the weather is relatively the same each year.
Employment is moderate. Most people have careers as teachers or law enforcement.
Visibility of police is quite high. Crime is low and often only traffic crimes like no seat belt ticket or motor vehicle accident.
Police and fire response time is quick and effective. Local representation lack experience and education.
Bogota, NJ is a very small town. We are surrounded by many mom-and-pop shops which offer great customer service. In order to go to the bigger chain stores, we would have to drive out of town to Paramus or Hackensack which is only about 10 minutes away. Great town. Great schools. Great Police Department.
We experience all four seasons. We have lost power for couple days but overall isolated from the heavy disasters.
This area is safe for bicyclists and pedestrians. There are several places to park and if you would like to park overnight in the street all you have to do in call the police station to aware them where it is parked. We have sidewalks along side almost every street. Buses are accessible in town and the train stop is in the town over.
We have volunteer firefighters and EMS. I dont feel that we are getting as much as we should for the taxes that we give. taxpayer's dollars are going towards pay raises instead of our community. During the last snow storm several roads were left with huge potholes and they were left there for over 2-3 weeks before they were slowly patched up
In this area there are several restaurants to choose from. We have chain restaurants to family owned. Nightlife here is not New York but there are couple places to go for social gatherings
Most families in my community have been living here for generations. This is a friendly community for everyone
In our town there are only to commercial buildings that are vacant. Most houses are occupied by families and if not, they are occupied pretty quickly.
There are occasional fairs that happen in our town and the area around us. We have state fairs and local fundraising fairs for our school.
In our town there are very few jobs but in the area around us there are several different jobs
I would definitely choose to live here again. Families have been living in this town since they were kids. Everyone is familiar with their neighbors and many children participate in activities that allows us to stay connect with our community.
This area is pretty safe. The police offices are always around and rarely there are some crimes like theft. I feel comfortable enough to walk through my town at night.
In this area, our community have people who are extremely physically active and some who are obese. My town have a three recreational baseball/ softball fields surrounded by a track. The track is accessible for everyone and the two out of the three fields are open to the public to use. Personally I bike or run at Overpeck Park which is only 5 minutes away from my house. The park features playground, open fields, canoeing, kayaking, a baseball field, softball field, dog park and roughly about 5 miles of track. This is a park that many people use to bring dogs or family for recreational use.
This is a very diverse area. For the most part, everyone knows everyone and considerate to others. Many people gather for high school athletic events to support the communities athletics.
My town is only a square mile of homes and small shops. In the towns near us we have big companies for any that we need. We have three pizzerias that all have good dishes to choose from and convenient stores on two of our main roads for quick pick-me-ups.
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