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I believe this small little town of Bogota is the perfect place to grow up in or start a family. Everbody each other so it is like one big family! The schools are small as well, and the school activities are grand. We may be small be we have state champ trophies up our sleeves as well!
It is a small town, less than 2 miles long. Everyone knows everyone and sometimes that's not fun. Limited choice of schools, expensive taxes
Very Nice town, close to NYC with a home town feel.
Has it own school system K - 12, police dept. fire dept. Public works dept. Library, recreation dept. and town pool. and only 8,000 residents.
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I have lived in Bogota for over 10 years which is most of my life. This small town is one of the best places to live, not only do you feel like a family with everyone here you feel safe seeing Bogota Police saying hi and dropping by here and there. The public schools here are amazing, teachers very engaged with their student and we can never be more proud of our high school sports which brings us together. Very friendly neighbors and a community that is so active with the town. As small as we are there is also a lot to do here, wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
Public School: Bogota High School is diverse and small. All students will know one another and be able to have one on one with the staff
Nightlife: there is not much to do in Bogota. Since the town is so small there is not a lot to do within the town, but there are things to do in the neighboring towns
Commute Time: For those who work in the city, this is great place because you are 15-20 minutes away from the George Washington Bridge
Bogota is a nice small town that's family friendly. Basically everyone knows everyone because of it's size. There's two elementary and one high school that all the students would combine into after the elementary.
Beautiful, familiar and peaceful place to live. It has many green areas, and It is near New York City.
It is a quiet neighborhood and the people are friendly. It's a small town with not too much traffic. There is easy accessibility to many shops and malls nearby. I believe the school system can be improved by updating their curriculum. There are many parks and activities for kids.
Bogota is a quiet town which has are very large close-knit family value. Neighbors are nice and they treat you as though you've always been a part of their community. The safety of the town is excellent. Policeman monitor our neighborhood every minute of the day. It's educational school system is Stellar its high school has a high graduation rate and even much higher rate of college entrance. Bogota High School is a Bronze Ribbon School in which high values are the main focus.
very nice and quiet small town. Very good school systems, everyone knows everyone in this town and its very close knit
Lovely little town with a great community. Good school program as well. Many activities for its people. Close to NYC but still has a suburb feel.
I grew up in Bogota. I would be nice to see the overall cost of living in Bogota go down so that it is more affordable to live there.
Bogota is very unique being a small suburb of only around 7000 thousand people located closely to New York City. The town was founded in the late 1800's during the borough boom in Bergen county, and named after the Bogart's who were the fist dutch settlers to arrive in the area.

The town originally consisted of mainly Irish, and Italian, but in recent years seen an influx of various Hispanic groups moving in from the city causing tension, and issues in the community. Mainly in the schools which have declined in quality. The housing prices like in the area as a whole has increased, but no so much because of Bogota, but because of the convenience factor being next to NYC with apartments being build, and planned to gain on it.
The area is under cared for and the people in town simply could careless about their community and how they play a role in the upkeep of the town.
Small and few parks for children.
We have the four seasons here, so the weather is relatively the same each year.
Employment is moderate. Most people have careers as teachers or law enforcement.
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Visibility of police is quite high. Crime is low and often only traffic crimes like no seat belt ticket or motor vehicle accident.
Police and fire response time is quick and effective. Local representation lack experience and education.
Bogota, NJ is a very small town. We are surrounded by many mom-and-pop shops which offer great customer service. In order to go to the bigger chain stores, we would have to drive out of town to Paramus or Hackensack which is only about 10 minutes away. Great town. Great schools. Great Police Department.
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