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I have lived in Boaz all of my life. There is not much of my small town. During the last few years I have seen many stores shutdown. I have attended Boaz high school. The high school in our town is slowly transitioning into an academy system. When I was a senior I got to take part in the health science internship program. The program allowed me to be an intern at our local hospital. I also participated in cheerleading and softball. While I cheered my team won three state and regional competitions. We also placed fifth at the national high school cheerleading competition. I now attend Snead State Community, a college in Boaz.I was also given the opportunity to cheer at Snead State. I would like to see more happening in my town. We have a great place for a shop center. It actually once was filled with stores and people from all over shopped it. If we could get that going again, our town would be booming. My town may be small, but it is home.
Boaz is pretty boring with nothing to do around town. I think they should add some more things to do for teens and kids.
Boaz is a quite peaceful town to live in and there is plenty of this to do for fun. My favorite restaurant is the Gridiron in the Old Tangier Outlet, its great food and you can always watch your sports games.
Boaz is a rural city that is growing in population every year. Students who graduate from the local high school are exposed to a variety of educational experiences. BHS has its own culinary and medical departments and even an ATM machine inside the school. Overall, Boaz is a simple easy place to live without a lot of distractions. The people are generally nice but don't really socialize in large groups. It is a very Christian based atmosphere with a church on every corner.
Pretty quiet place not to bad in crime.
There is very little visible crime here.
Boaz is nice, but I'd prefer a more interesting town
They are very friendly. There is a wide variety of stores and restaurants in my area, from mom-and-pop restaurants like The Lion's Den, to big companies like McDonald's.
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