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I just recently moved to Boardman and I love it! There's always somewhere to go, numerous places to eat and the beautiful park to go see. It's the perfect balance between city life and country life.
It's a very quaint town, with nearly anything you could want to find. There are very nice shopping centers, a mall, a number of diverse restaurants, and a lovely park. It's also very close to Mill Creek Metro Park which has beautiful trails for hiking and biking.
Boardman is a great town to live in...there is ample shopping opportunities along with some amazing restaurants. I would like to see crime handled a little better but I know our local law enforcement agencies are doing their best each and every day!
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Every area has issues but we make the most of it
The area is very beautiful but has its issues
Where I have lived the crime and safety has been okay. Police are always visible and thank goodness I have never had to call so I cannot rate their response time. Go miles north from where I have lived and crime and safety is not so great. Police are visible, but it does not seem to stop criminals. There are good and bad areas everywhere, you need to do research before choosing where you want to live.
Overall experience of this area has been very fulfilling. There is a place to go for whatever you want to do, you just need to look for it. I would live here again since I had such a great time growing up here. This area is top-notch to anywhere else in the country. You need to make the best of it, wherever you live and I did that.
There is absolutely no safe place in this city ! It is falling apart piece by piece. Murder and crime is so high that it doesn't phase anyone anymore.
Youngstown used to be a beautiful and thriving area. My mom would always tell me stories about the same shops and the special trips she went on with her grandparents. The world was a different place when my mother was little. Now Youngstown is falling apart. The crime rate has spiked out of control. The building are decaying and people are just standing around watching their city fall apart. Basically is a complex issue that most of these people have. If they are "bad" then they aren't anything in their mind. It's a false judgement that most of them have grown up to believe. If only education was more important to the people whom raise them. The city would again be a beautiful thriving place that it used to be.
I love where i live. In general, it's not the most exciting place, but it has a great sense of community.
I've been to greater places. Work is hard to come across, not much to do, schools are okay, people are okay.
there's a few well known attractions in the area and a few popular tourist attraction restaurants
i'd live here again growing up
weather disasters rarely occur in this area
there are a good amount of options
Most people move away for better job oppurtunities
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There are many job opportunities in this area. The main reason for this is because many people do not move to my hometown, giving all the natives opportunities to find a job they want and deserve to have.
The local businesses in this area are everything someone could want. While there are big chain stores and restaurants, there are a lot of local family owned stores and restaurants. It gives my hometown a very welcoming feeling. People remember your name if you are a regular, even at the bigger chain restaurants. Its a great place to live and enjoy life.
The weather in this area is very adverse. Many people in this area joke about being able to have all 4 seasons in one day. There are really not many natural disasters that occur. We have had a couple earthquakes over the past couple years and tornadoes but nothing really major. You learn to live with the weather which really isnt all that bad. Some essential items I have in my wardrobe are jeans, hooded sweatshirts, and boots.
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