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It's a safe town, you can walk the streets at night and not worry about your safety. It's just beyond the cusp on the university so it has a small town feel but is merely a few miles outside the main campus.
Boalsburg has the small town feel along with history everywhere you look from the Columbus chapel to Pennsylvania military Museum along wits The birthplace of memorial day and memorial day parade and fire company carnival
Great place to live in. Very safe and close to Penn State Main campus. Rent is considerably lower than places in state college, so if you have a car, it is an awesome place to live. 10 minute drive to campus and is a beautiful place.
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It's nice but it's way too sheltered and cut off
State College gas many attractions that people from all over the country come to see. The Bryce Jordan center hold very large musical events with very well know artists, comedians, plays, etc. The State College High School even has their graduation there. Penn State football games are definitely the biggest attraction because Penn State is so popular. Arts Fest is held in Boalsburg and has hundreds of booth to shop for jewelry, paintings, arts and crafts and more.
The public transportation in State College is some of the best I've ever seen. The CATA buses run everywhere and can always get you into campus on time. If you would like to buy monthly bus passes they are not overpriced. Everyone working in public transport is always friendly and knows the area very well. CATA buses are definitely the main thing college kids use to get around on campus and to classes on time.
One minute it is snowing and the next minute the sun is shining and the birds are singing. Central Pennsylvania in general has the most unexpected weather. Such as having it hail when it is bright and sunny. The weather doesn't get to be "summer weather" until the end of June.
The food is amazing! State College has some of the best restaurants in central PA due to the wide variety of ethnic groups moving here. There are more than twenty bars downtown and college kids are always out and about having fun.
If you have a good job and are highly qualified for one, it is great. Penn State University is why most people move to State College. A lot of opportunities are offered at the university.
State College does not have many local businesses. Mainly larger franchises are what State College centers around because of real estate being very high and not being highly populated. Therefore, there are few small business most. Most of the biggest ones would be companies such as Walmart, McDonalds, etc.
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