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It is a great place to live. The schools in the area are good depending on the school you go to. Life in Blythewood is safe.
Blythewood, South Carolina is a small town but is slowly building its way up! There isn't much to do around here, but I believe that this town has the potential to become something great just as its neighboring town, Columbia. This town has plenty of food and school options, but there is a complete lack of entertainment. Once there are a few entertainment spots for friends and families to have fun, Blythewood would be one of the best towns in South Carolina!
Love Blythewood, SC! Blythwood is only a few minutes from the state capital, Columbia. If you're in need of a more rural environment you can drive through the areas of farmland but you're still close to all the big city amenities. There are several housing developments with that great low country feel. Most of the public schools nearby have great ratings. But if private school is the direction you lean there are many great alternatives nearby.
I love living in Blythewood. It is just close enough to Columbia and everything I need, but far enough to give the country, small town feel. It is beautiful and surrounded by trees and the beautiful South Carolina country side. There is nothing like driving down a two lane road in Blythewood, SC!
Blythewood is a VERY small town, which is great--if you're a small town person. Coming from a rural town in Minnesota, Blythewood was nothing new to me. Everyone seemed to know each other, the kids had known each other since elementary school, and parents rushed to join the PTO. That being said, Blythewood always had this really sweet, almost "quiet" vibe which is something you don't see a lot in the south. No matter where you were in Blythewood, you were bound to find a place of refuge within 100ft and that's perfect for a person who's just trying to make their way through school.
It's absolutely overcrowded and the roads can't accommodate the super overgrown amount of people living in Blythewood. The school's are overcrowded. There are not enough diverse restaurants . Nothing but the same unhealthy same fast food restaurants .
Blythewood is a small town located outside of Columbia, South Carolina. It has great neighborhoods and is located in an amazing school district. Local businesses are supported by a close-knit community. Blythewood is a great place to put down roots and raise your children.
I've been living in Blythewood for about 2 years and I have enjoyed them. Blythewood is a small and peaceful town filled with beautiful subdivisions and convenient town centers.
We have no crime over here its all good would live here
I would live here because its safe and very family
The police are usually driving around the town, but sometimes fail to respond to individual traffic infractions (such as multiple people running the red light). They also seem not to respond quickly when reckless drivers are reported in the area.
I love being hidden from most of the people living around here. We have plenty of neighbors around the corner and up the other road that our only "visible" neighbors live on, we just can't see them. Our "visible" neighbors are only visible in the winter when the leaves are gone. It's so peaceful and relaxing out in the woods and field.
It certainly doesn't feel like the local crime is an intrinsic problem around this neighborhood.
The overall experience of living here is not that bad. One of the neighbor kids is a little too rowdy with his drums and appearently no one can stop that annoyance or his littering around the neighborhood, but I would be stressed to complain about much more. The connection between us and the rest of the neighbors is fairly average and they are generally nice when we pass by them on the road so the neighborhood is not all that bad. Or at least not yet.
For the most part I love the Columbia area. The one thing that I wish would improve would be the driving capability of the residents in this area. The drivers are so horrible here that we almost cannot wait for retirement so we can leave,
There are several activities to do in downtown columbia. The locals are very weird though. Some people are very rude and wary of others not from here.
There are potholes on every road. It sucks, but the less traveled back roads have less frequent holes. Traffic on the main busy Clemson Road is terrible, so planning events has to be crucial.
There's a lot of restaurants around Columbia. Just about a place for every food palate.
I love living in Blythewood because the primary builder Crown Building is superb. They have a wonderful selection of houses to choose from and my house has this wide open backyard and no one behind us. The neighborhood is fairly large and its easy to talk to our neighbors.
There are many business, however, not all of them are hiring and are fully staffed. This makes it nearly impossible for young adults to find a job that pays minimum wage and has flexible hours.
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