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You really have to have grown up in Blytheville to love it. That is the only reason I like Blytheville.
The city crime rate is high.. Find more activities for children to do. Healthy restaurants for on the go.. More jobs opportunity for all levels of education and diversity..
Blytheville is a very small town. It has a lot of abandoned buildings and violence. Many roads are damaged and yards left horrific. Though through all of this residents here still have a lot of faith. Living in these conditions is tough and unhealthy. However, with the many churches around it shouldn't be long until change occurs.
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Blytheville is a fairly small town. Blytheville is also known for being a town with lots of crime. I think the reason so much crime is committed is because their is nothing her for our youth to do. So many students who have graduated, instead of taking advantage of the free tuition at the local community college they find there self going off to college in Little Rock, AR or Conway, AR because they want to find life.
I like that there are a ton of people willing to change the community and make it better. I would change all of the crimes.
It's.. a small town. In Arkansas. The best advice I have for anyone who wants to live there is: don't move to downtown.
There's nothing to keep people occupied here.
Blytheville isn't the worst place to live, but it is up there. There's not a lot of entertainment to find around here for kids and teens and the amount of available jobs is severely lacking. There is sort of a community here but it's not one that I know much about.
The crime rate has gotten better then before.
The environment is not bad. Peace and happiness.
The overall experience isn't the worst but it's bad. There's not much to do in this small town.
The weather is pretty good throughout the year
They really hire who they want as in family members and friends
Its not much to do around here but work if you have a job.
I can get everything I need here.
It's a horrible community lots of old burnt house and homeless animals.
There are no parents out to watch their children play in the street while cars are coming. The children are rude and so are the adults.
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The police do NOT do their job. The violence has not stopped nor crimes solved.
Much more satisfying in bigger towns only less than an hour away.
Friendly environment when it comes to working.
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