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Bluffton is one of those towns that is good for a family. There are many opportunities for kids to have fun and gain an excellent education. If the person is religious than this is the town for you, because there are many churches around the town. Another good thing is there are many job opportunities for teenagers and adults. The school environment offers many reasons to get a head start for the real world. Bluffton is a town where you don't have to worry about gangs or dangerous individuals.
Small family town with a great school system. Not a long commute to bigger cities. Very safe and secure neighborhoods. Becoming more diverse.
This is a very safe and reliable neighborhood. My parents never had to worry about where we went and we were never told to stay away from places. All the neighbors are very nice and many of them had kids that were out running around with us.
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I would choose to live here again if I had to do it again because I had a real childhood living here. I was always outside and being active with all my neighbors. It is a very friendly and helping neighborhood. We all help each other whenever it is needed.
Overall, it's a relatively safe community.
I would choose to live here after graduating college, it's nice and quite and the people here are relatively nice.
There are a lot of drugs in Bluffton, which can be very worrisome at times.
Everyone basically drives. Bluffton is so small it hardly ever gets congested.
The weather fluctuates in Indiana a lot, but it's not terrible to live with. I don't feel like my life is in danger.
The restaurants are all fast food, and don't even stay open all night. There isn't anywhere to go for nightlife.
The only place I'd want to work for in this town is the library, but even that is limited.
There is hardly anywhere Togo in this town, and businesses aren't very well kept.
Well, it's Indiana, so every day is different and the weather ranges widely. The winters are very cold and snowy (typically subzero every night). The summers vary. Last year was quite mild, with only one day reaching 90 degrees. But a few years ago there was a drought and temperatures were above 100 for many days.
There aren't many options, but what we have is great. My favorite Chinese place is down the street from my house, there are a couple decent Mexican restaurants, and a cute, friendly little coffee shop across from the library. Plus a new higher quality Italian restaurant recently opened.
I am only a high school senior and have not yet searched for a job, but judging by the type of city Bluffton is, there aren't many high-paying jobs available. (Except in the medical field: there is a hospital and several clinics.)
There is a Walmart and a Lowe's, which are convenient. Downtown there is a nice coffee shop and a library, and there are several gas stations throughout the city. The quality of businesses is decent, but Bluffton lacks in variety and quantity.
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