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Bluffdale is an animal oriented city. Due to the larger plot sizes, many people have horses, cows, sheep and other livestock that provides a rural feel and yet it has easy access to the "big city" attractions. The city leaders have several community focused activities each year and many people in the community get involved. One thing that could be improved is the number of hiking and biking trails that are kid friendly and away from traffic.
I have enjoyed living here and I would love to be able to find an affordable home to purchase. The small town feeling that the people give helps it feel like home. I really love the traditions like The Old West Days and other family oriented events throughout the year.
This area is amazing. It is so quiet and neighbors are incredibly friendly. This new suburb is growing quickly but still remains a place that is enjoyable. I love our neighborhood.
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Bluffdale is a quiet suburb of Salt Lake City. At the south end of the Salt Lake Valley, it is far enough away from everything that you can enjoy the peace and quiet when you step outside in the morning, but close enough that you can get to most places in no more than 30 minutes.
It's so outdoorsy, I live by llamas, horses, goats, there's a river I can walk to go fishing. My neighborhood is super friendly. I loved the schools I went to. I have a bunch of friends that live near me. It's a blast!!!!
I have enjoyed living in Bluffdale. The neighborhood has a small town family oriented feeling that you can't help but love. Bluffdale City along with many volunteers work hard making sure all of the Annual Events are always something you do NOT want to miss out on EVER! In fact as a family we now look forward to attending them together every year. Old West Days being my personal favorite!
I love having a lot of land and the high school is pretty good. The neighbors are awesome. I wish Bluffdale was more friendly to businesses like grocery stores and stuff, though.
Our neighborhood is always friendly to one another. During the holidays we always have fun traditions that make their way around. As we pass by one another on the street, each and every person waves. If anyone is going through hard times, or needs someone to be there, the people of Bluffdale will be there.
There have been a few break-ins' in the past couple of years. House burglars and car thieves are not common but it happens sometimes.
I love living here. Everyone is very friendly though they keep to themselves. It's quite most of the time and you have your privacy.
With the prison so close, crimes are almost never seen here. Police are always close in case something crazy were to happen.
It's a great place to live. A few crazy neighbors spice up the neighborhood but for the most part all is quiet.
We have hardly any crimes in this area. I can't even think of any that I know of. The police are great, quick and responsive.
Its kid friendly, we don't have to worry as much about them . Everything is a close distance. If I could do it all over again I would live here, its got such a great environment and the people are friendly. There has hardly been any crimes in my area.
I have been married for 4 and half years and was recently accepted to medical school. As such, the lack of bar/nightlife options isn't concerning to me considering that it's not something I would even be interested in if it were available. Of greater concern to me is the quality of restaurants in the area. While there are many options, none of them are particularly unique or interesting. Anything I could get here, I could get just about anywhere else.
As expected, job opportunities for those with graduate level education or plentiful. For college graduates with limited experience, there is minimal job availability, and the jobs that are available or extremely underpaid positions. While no one expects to get paid the type of wage straight out of college that they would be making 10+ years down the line, there is no reason a college graduate should be getting paid only $2-$3 dollars more an hour more than someone of high school age.
While there is extensive availability (I don't have to drive far to get what I need or am looking for), the quality isn't the best. In particular, I have found the staff to be sub-par in comparison to the staff at the same stores in my home-state of Oregon. This rings especially true for the restaurants in the area.
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People look out for eachother around here.
We have good all around weather here.
The service and food at red robins is great!
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