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Bluefield, Va is a family town. Every Saturday night in the summer, the town shows outdoor movies that are free to everyone.
Bluefield, Va is my hometown. It is a place where everyone knows everyone and where we take care of our own.
Bluefield Virginia is a small community that offers a great place to reside. It is in the heart of four seasons country and offers a wide variety of outdoor activities and a close drive to several other states.
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I loved the fact that Bluefield is easy going and peaceful. Wonderful people live here. I went to High School here too.
There is not a lot of crime in the Virginia are, I just wished there would be more lighting if you have to walk at night.
Living in Bluefield as a teenager or young adult can be really disappointing, but it is a safe community.
I live in a small quiet town without much to do.
Considering the size of the town, no public transportation is needed.
I honestly don't know other thing different from the soccer field and the gym.
It gets way too cold for my taste, but it is what it is.
Being Latino, I like to go out and dance. I've founded really frustrating the fact that there is no Latino-Salsa Bars around here.
The fact that coal mining is decreasing has impacted job opportunities in this area.
I feel that businesses around here are very old-fashioned and way too country kinda look.
The weather is fairly typical for a town in the mountains.
The main store around here is the local Wal-Mart. Some other stores are here, but they don't get visited as much.
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