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9 reviews
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I like that the city government is nice and are currently working on changes. I would like to see more life and more business being brought back.
Bluefield is a nice area overall. There is a large area where several large stores and restaurants visitors can visit. Located in the main city itself are smaller shops in the older buildings. It has a nice, vintage feel to it. The area is easy to get to and drive through. During the holidays the Festival of Lights is very fun to drive through and I always look forward to it every year. All in all, the area is very peaceful and I would definitely visit again.
Bluefield is a small town on the boarder of West Virginia located in the mountains. I like that you can experience all four seasons and it is great for people who like outdoors activities like hiking, hunting, camping fishing etc. However it doesn't have much to do for people who don't like outdoors activities.
The government of the city is slowly going downhill. With no money coming in it will eventually go into a deep depression.
It's a good place to live if you are interested in outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting and other nature related activities but if you like the city life and shopping or partying it is not idealistic.
It's very dull here, mostly old people live here.
Based off living in this area it could have some much potential in the near future. when i first moved to the area Ive notice how peaceful it is. you could breathe in fresh air compared new york where there pollution everywhere. blue field is a place that is very laid back with people who are very friendly. its a small town so its not to much you can do compared to a urban city.
This is not a high crime area at all. Things are pretty safe around here.
It could be much better in this area, but there are some interesting businesses. Portabello's is an excellent little Italian restaurant in downtown. We have many fast food businesses but two recently closed.
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