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This is a small town, close enough to Chicago to enjoy all the city has to offer, but with a lower tax base on a quiet historical, multicultural setting.
I grew up in the town of Blue Island, Illinois. It's a very cultural and peaceful environment. The historic homes in this town are a classic enrichment and serve as community icons. I would taste Blue Island, Illinois with five stars however, the freight trains often cause delays and traffic congestion.
Quiet area, great people, and not that far from food or activities. I believe that this town do need to improve on their stores down western, they need to build more restaurants, and build more houses or apartments for young graduate college students.
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Blue Island is starting to grow and there is a great diversity. Often you see families walking there dogs and walking around. It is beautiful town with wonderful bakeries, parks and stores. Although there are too many car repair shops and bars, I wouldn't live any where else. Growing up, I never wanted to leave
There is very little to do around here. Not much diversity in the food available. Though there are some very friendly people here, it is not very safe. My mother was violently attacked on her way to work and whenever I have to walk home at night (which is frequent because the buses around here run infrequently and are rarely on schedule ) I am often catcalled or even followed by strange men. The only surprising perk I have encountered is that the police department is very helpful and friendly. That, and there is no Chicago tax. It isn't as bad or full of urban decay as some of Chicago's worse neighborhoods, but I would never live here willingly.
I like that it's a very close community. There is a lot of opportunities to serve around the area. One thing that I would like to see around the area is more after school alotctivities for kids to be able to maintain them busy and active.
There are police officers around majority of the time, so there's not much crime
There's not much to do at a short distance besides parks and a little library but the neighborhood is relatively peaceful and quiet
Community involvement is truly up to you to go out and meet others
There doesn't seem to be too much crime during the day but I often see suspicious people walking around as it gets darker. I see police cars regularly patrolling the streets.
Overall there doesn't seem to be a lot of crime during the day but I would not walk outside by myself at dark. If I were to live in this same city I would live more north farther away from Calumet City. Compared to other places in the country I would say it's a little below the middle. The roads are horrible and filled with potholes, train crossing are the worst and very bumpy.
I'd never seen anything bad but I know shootings had happen in the area.
Blue Island is not that bad, but is not the best compare to some of the surrounding towns
The crime rate In this area is not very high
Overall it's a pretty good little town
I haven't seen or heard anything.
Blue island is a nice area to raise your children in. It's mainly a quiet neighborhood with a police station in just about every direction.
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Have not been living here for very long but it is okay so far.
It can be good or bad. But i've had a positive living experience.
There are many places that hire but not places where you go into for a career.
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