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Small Town. Small class sizes. A lot of opportunity for it being a small town. Home of the Jolly Green Giant. Not a bad place to live if you are looking for a small area.
As a resident and former student in Blue Earth, Minnesota, I consider myself knowledgeable about this town. It is a great community with lots of great people, but as a rural small town it also has it's downsides. If you are looking for nightlife or great restaurants you will probably not find them here! However, it is within driving distance (1 hour or less) of movie theaters, great restaurants, and other fun activities. If you would like a sleepy, small town vibe then Blue Earth will be right up your sleeves.
Blue Earth is a small town with very nice people. There are many job opportunities around and in this area. This school is the best (of six) i've attended in my entire life.
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Virtually no public transportation options other than one small bus, with the exception of school buses.
There really isn't anything other than sports events and county fairs.
The weather is very diverse there. Hot summer and cold winters. The usual.
There is really only one place that people go to hang out, that is at a bar and grill. The other places are McDonalds, Dairy Queen, and gas stations.
There are not many options for jobs here. The jobs that are available are given to rich family's kids and the factory jobs don't get paid nearly enough. The people that work in the factories deserve so much more. The rich family's kids own almost every local business there.
There really isn't many different stores in the town. We don't have a Super Walmart.
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