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Blue Bell is a beautiful wooded historical area known for its numerous office buildings. Although there are not really any shopping centers or stores, Blue Bell has great accessibility; the Plymouth Meeting Mall is only 5 minutes away, along with 476 and I can get to KOP in 20 minutes. During rush hour, the flow westward does get backed up on main roads, but there is virtually no traffic at any other point. The only downside for me is that there is barely anywhere to walk to, but neighborhood streets are perfectly safe for running/walking. Overall, I would recommend Wentz Run Park and the library; both have a uniquely Blue Bell ambiance, being safe, welcoming, and mature.
Blue bell is a bueatiful town with great schools and very affordable. It's safe and close to major cities while also being close to the quiet country.
Blue Bell is an amazing town, you can head any direction and find something amazing. growing up in blue bell really let me appreciate everything it had to offer so much that i even volunteer at the local fire company. it was an amazing friendly experience. i will always remember blue bell the rest of my life.
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Blue Bell is a very quiet neighborhood that is perfect for young couples to start and raise a family. There is very low traffic within the neighborhood and there are a range of people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
I lived in Blue Bell for nine years, ever since I was twelve years old. It's a quaint suburban area of Philadelphia that isn't particularly large, and the main quality it's known for is that Ryan Howard (1st baseman of the Phillies) has a house there. Despite that, it's far enough to distance yourself from the hustle and bustle of the city and really get to know your community and surroundings.
There is virtually no crime in the area
I like it except for some of the neighbors are a bit snooty. I plan on moving
I've never had any issues with crime and safety in my neighborhood or in those around it.
Although I do love blue bell, I wish I lived in a neighborhood with more neighbors. I do lack a little bit of a sense of community on my street, but what it lacks in community it makes up in opportunity. There are many places to go, shops to explore, and restaurants to enjoy in the area.
It area is very costly, rent is very high so it is hard to work and live here. The bars are very friendly and the food is excellent. Overall this wouldn't be high on the list of places I would be moving back too. If it was more middle class friendly and younger friendly I could see the area grow. As of right now there are not very many new businesses coming to the area, because it is already established. I see the area staying the same for a long time to come.
I have lived in Blue Bell my whole life and enjoyed it. There are many local restaurants to try and the streets of Ambler are only a ten minute drive. I went through all Wissahickon schools and felt that we are a very diverse and accepting group. I intend to move my family and children into a very similar suburban school district since I have enjoyed my experience so much.
I cannot think of anything glaringly wrong.
Everything you need is in included in this area
Good range of employment choices
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