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Nice town to live in. Close to the highways. Good schools. Homes priced from mid 100's to 400's. Wonderful community rec center. Great place to raise a family.
Very good cost of living and quality of life
There is a wide range of housing available for 80k up to 600k plus
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Recently installed all-city sidewalks to promote walking paths and bicycle paths as well as pet walking paths and dog parks. Recently voted one of the top cities to raise a family.
Police and all safety services are top notch
I live close to schools, business districts, parks and affordable recreation
The Blue Ash Recreation Center is amazing! As a suburb of Cincinnati, we have hundreds of entertainment options close by. Our schools' population is very diverse; at least 25 different nations are represented. The Cincinnati Library has a magnificent catalog, boasting second in the USA behind the NYC library. The school district, however, has 17% of students living at or below poverty line. Add the tearing down of modest sized homes and 3,000+ sq ft mansions replacing them, and the dichotomy of wealthy and poor widens.
There is very little crime in this area.
The services are nice here. Safety services arrive quickly, there are plenty of new laws improving the city, and the governors seem to be pretty decent at their jobs.Though the higher up people are hard to come in contact with. The state laws for schools are not the best, but at least they are trying.
The nature here is very average. Nothing outstanding, nothing bad either.
The weather here is usually really nice in the spring, however, it can change rapidly, and can get very cold in the winters.
This location is not a college town, it has no bars and very little fancy diners. However, it is very family friendly.
Employment is acceptable, however, many companies like to send people away to other cities and many people like to leave to work elsewhere.
This location is a great place to live, as there are numerous up and coming businesses, the school district is great and improving, and living is generally cheaper than other places.
Mix of individually owned and chain restaurants around.
I have had friends stay in this area that have come from other cities and they say that Blue Ash seems very active. There are always runners and people walking on the sidewalk and the Blue Ash Recreation Center is normally pretty busy. We have multiple hospitals close to this area, two great ones being within a five minute drive from my house. My prefered way to stay physically active is through running. I run up to 3 times a week, running along the sidewalk or by doing yoga through my school.
There is some crime is other cities in the area, but Blue Ash has very little crime and the crime that does happen is mostly nonviolent and does not affect me.
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