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I love Blountville and how it’s a small town where everyone knows each other. I don’t think Blountville needs anymore improvements.
Blountville is a small town if you're not careful; you may drive right through it without realizing it. Blountville has been my home since the day I was born and it is my comfort zone. However, the cozy small town can be quite boring after awhile. There is not too much excitement within this town. Between seeing children, even adults, walking up the main streets of Blountville playing Pokemon Go, to the new and improved Rocket Diner established within the town; the town can be considered a safe environment. Do check your clock when arriving, because if it is past 9:00, the residents of Blountville have rolled up their mailboxes for the day!
I love living in Blountville, TN. It is a semi-small town right in the heart of the Tri-Cities. (Bristol, Kingsport and Johnson City) It is not small enough to know everyone and their mother. But you are sorta close to it, you may know someone’s Aunt, Uncle or cousin.
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I like the family atmosphere of Blountville. There are not many things to do but there are some small little shops, and restaurants. Wish there were more.
I grew up in Blountville Tennessee and have spent many years away living in other areas to return to be near family a few years ago. It was a small town and pretty safe growing up but job opportunities were not plentiful and the salaries were low. I spent many years living in other states and towns and thought I had experienced areas with drug problems and some poverty. Only to return to the area to discover that the decline in the area due to crime related to theft and drugs had skyrocketed the area to one of the worst in the nation and the worst in Tennessee I have heard. I would like to see the area have an economic turn around and the drug issues be cleaned up to return to a safe place to live and one where there were opportunities for a decent living.
The people here are friendly, but there's not much going on at all. It's good for people who want to live out in the country, but still be connected to civilization.
I was born and raised here. I adore the calmness of this little town. You can really for bonds and connections with the people around you.
Blountville is a community worth keeping, it still has that feeling of an older community where you know about everyone at the grocery store, but also has easy access to three cities for shopping, nightlife, or catching a NASCAR race. It is a community where the gentlemen still get their hair cut at the barber, you know all of your neighbors, and kids still play outside. The people that live in this community tend to stay and generations graduate from the same high school. It is a feeling that doesn't exist many places any more, but when your here you will know it's home.
Blountville is a good place to live and for kids to go to school. People are very friendly. Blountville is a clean place
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