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Blountstown is a wonderful small town, especially for young families. What I enjoyed about Blountstown was that everyone knows everyone, and unlike larger cities, people really try to look out for each other. In school, I was always able to get the one on one time that I needed, and the high school has a wonderful program with the local junior college that allows students to take dual enrollment courses. You may not have all the amenities of living in a larger city (movie theaters, tons of restaurants), but you can get just about anywhere within an hour and the hometown feel is just amazing.
I like living in Blountstown, it's a small town where everyone knows each other. However, there seems to be an issue with not having enough to do in the town for the teenage population. There's not much to do for entertainment around town.
I only say it's okay cause there are limited options.
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Some of the mom-and-pop businesses are fantastic. They make you feel very welcomed and at home. Some on the other hand are not so good a quality. I work in a near by town where there is better opportunities and more options. Overall, some good, some bad.
Not a lot to do at all. Besides Goat Day, our local festival in the fall, or high school function and the Christmas Parade, there is very little going on in town.
If you like small town communities then this is the place for you.
What we have is good, but then again the town is so small that there isn't very much. Could always have more options and improve.
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