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Bloomsburg is a beautiful small town that is enriched by the population of college students that attend the university. It is full of friendly and helpful people and really comes alive with the college life.
It's a decent college town, everything price wise is a little inflated because of it. The main Street is bustling with businesses catering to college students and there is definitely allot doing on in town. It's a decent place to visit, work or go to school in
I went to college in Bloomsburg and I loved it so much I decided to stay. I love the small town feel.
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Bloomsburg, PAnisnone of the safest towns I've ever lived in. I'm a graduate student at bloomsburg university and am currently living with roommates. Prior to moving here, I lived in New Jersey 3 hours away.
Quiet for a college town, friendly locals, thriving art scene, and the university brings in cultural diversity. Bloomsburg is too small to have many job opportunities, but it would be a perfect location in which to raise a family.
Bloomsburg is a beautiful little college town. It is full of small shops and local eateries. The fair grounds frequently hosts a variety of events, from wine festivals to truck shows. The town park is a nice place to spend the day with family and in the summer hosts small concerts.
My experience here at bloomsburg has been very well. Things are walking distance for those who do not have cars. The university is almost like a family campus. However, the things I would like to change is more activities to do in town like arcade,bowling alley. The town is quiet which is relaxing, but it can be boring as well.
Bloomsburg is a fantastic town to raise a small family. The local schools in the area are exceptional and the area is generally very safe. The local town park and town pool offer opportunities for people both young and old to enjoy themselves outside. The local restaurants are varied and offer unique food options, a number of theme also operate in the late hours of the night. The only thing I would like to see change is the implementation of better parking.
Overall, Bloomsburg is a nice place to live, although it lacks in entertainment and fun things to do.
School system is average, it does not challenge students enough to compete with other students nationally making it tough to get into really good colleges. They also do not provide a lot of programs or assistance in developing your college resume.
Town is a college town so it ends up with alcohol and drug problems that can overwhelm the police dept.
Rural area with a great town park and very good outdoor activities. Nice amount of cultural events and programs for a smaller town.
I live in Bloomsburg because it is a family oriented town and I have raised my children here as well. It is a well versed community and I can count on my needs being meant by law enforcement if needed. I do find that it is a poorer resourced town that does not have a lot of resources for people in financial need. Other than the resources it is a great family town that is one I would recommend for someone that wants to raise a family.
I am a student at BHS and I can't imagination going to school anywhere else. The people in town are generally nice. It's a nice town and it's cool having the college right in the area. However, the college kids can be annoying at times. Especially when they are partying.
Bloomsburg is a very friendly town compared to the town i grew up in. I enjoy walking down the streets and friendly faces always greet me as i pass by.
Small town atmosphere and people are very friendly. There is not a ton to do here unless you really enjoy outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, kayaking, etc...
Bloomsburg is a great place to go and visit or live. As a student, the atmosphere here is very friendly and welcoming to everyone. There is a tremendous amount to do with family or friends around the area. With just moving into the area and being 22 there is a lot to do that is cost friendly and age appropriate. Even when my family comes to visit with my young nephew, we have plenty to do and have fun.
The police usually deem non-emergency situations as just that. They are very courteous though.
The general atmosphere of the area is very friendly, if a little cautious of outsiders.
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There aren't a lot of options for transporatation. Almost no public transportantion, but that's not really a problem because you can walk or drive youself to just about everything. Around town people walk, and if they go slightly out of town or have to run erands they drive. It's a small town, so it's not llike there are a multitude of places to have a need for a public transportation system.
Honestly, people just visit or thing pertaining to Boomsburg University-affiliated events. Or, for Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble ("BTE"). There are no main attracting elements besides specific events. People generally don't visit unless they visit family members or come as a guest ffor BTE or BU.
It's Pennsylvania. We wear flip-flops on Tuesday and parkas on Wednesday. It's like this across much of the state. It's annoying, but we're used to it. Always dress in layers, so when it's 30 degrees in the morning but 80 degrees a few hours later, ou can adjust your comfort level.
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