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It's nice, pet friendly, quieter, but a little out of the way.
There has only been one report of crime in the area since I have lived there, and it wasn't anything serious.
The winters are VERY cold. Indiana is well known for bipolar weather, you never know what it will do. There is also tornado season with the rainy season. In the summer it is very hot.
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There are some extremely nice restaurants that are famous, there are others that Bloomington is well known for, vegetarian restaurants, local restaurants, many cafes, many international foods, and other places to eat. There is no shortage of eating places.
Because it's a college town, it can be very hard to find a good job if you're young and don't have a lot of experience. There are a few jobs that are easy to get around the senior care area, but other than that I personally haven't had a lot of luck.
In Bloomington there are many wonderful local stores. There are restaurants, shops, the farmers market, and the local co-op. All of them are very popular because community is very important in Bloomington.
Crime is almost unheard of in town, police are always on watch and keep the town safe. The most severe crimes typically are no worse than speeding and occasional reckless driving.
In Bloomington, there are hundreds of restaurants and many other businesses. There are many unique local businesses that employ thousands of people. Businesses such as Buffa Louies, Turkuaz Cafe, the Trojan Horse, and Baked!. There is a wide variety of job opportunities in Bloomington since it is a college town and job employment is excellent.
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