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Having moved here about seven years ago, I can honestly say that this small town near the I-10 freeway is as nice and boring as it can get. Getting up in the mornings are nice, when I walk to about a mile to school each morning, the colors of the sky change from a dark blue to purple, red, pink, white and finally light blue. It. Is. Beautiful.
This small town, like any other town can have it's nice moments. The people are nice or they mainly keep to themselves. The only thing that I'd like to change is the number of jobs, all the good jobs are far away into the next town, and you have to most definitely be able to drive to get to that job.
And it'd also be nice to be part of a county, we don't get as much funding as other places.
The local parks in the area need a lot of upgrading as do the streets. They are poor quality and run down.
There is a lot of crime so be careful and be prepared. There is also a lot of accidents and car crashes so watch out and stay diligent
It's not the most horrible place to live but it's not exactly great either
There are a small amount of gangsters in the area, but overall if you stay out of trouble you will be safe.
I have lived here all my life and many tend to want to leave this town and call it ghetto. I have never lived any other place and I am happy here. If you are a good person who doesn't go looking for trouble this is a great little town.
Once in awhile we will see or hear of crime that has happened in the area. However, it not a consistent concern. That is not to say that we do not have crime often. Mainly I will hear of break ins and things being stolen. Safety is a more difficult question to answer. Although I am not to afraid to go out at night in my area. I do have to be alert in certain areas of Bloomington and make sure I am in a safe atmosphere.
I wouldn't say where I live is the worst, there is not much to do in Bloomington. However, the people I have grown up with have made living in this area one heck of a time. I would live here again if I could do it all over. As my friends and I grew up, we always complained about how there was not much to do in this small area. So we'd makes our own fun, go on adventures, go to the movies, go hiking, or simple things like all get together at a friends house. I have made many memories living here. Although it is probably seen not as great as other areas, I can see Bloomington maintaining it's hidden adventures waiting to happen.
Back when I was growing up in the neighborhood there wasn't much to be afraid of; we never even locked the front door. But now there have been break in's, people tagging the walls and always strangers coming to your door asking to borrow a phone. Really in this day people need to borrow phones; I don't think so. Vandals trying to get in and rob or worse. On a good note their are still a couple of neighbors that have lived here as long as my family and each look out for each other.
Every city has it's good and bad. The fact that I am technically covered by the sheriff's department (meaning I'm county) and not by a city police department, meaning there is more land to cover and by less law enforcement. So less of them to protect me, get to me in time, or even back each other up. Which simply equals both their safety and my safety are more at risk due to budgets and manpower.
This is a pretty nice city, however I do wish to live somewhere else more beautiful and that captures my interest.
There's is not many different types of restaurants, mostly just fast food places.
Most people here get jobs with local warehouses, that are usually temporary jobs.
Although Bloomington its self does not have many businesses it is surrounded by close by cities that do have them. It is very easy to get most of what you need with only a few minute drive.
There are many jobs around the area. I do think there should be more types of jobs though, since most of the jobs are warehouse type of jobs.
Winter is cold and many flooding around the area as well as wind. Summer is really hot
There are many restaurants around the area. My favorite would be the local chinese food restaurant. Everything seems well cooked and extremely clean.
I feel the surrounding parks are okay to work out in. However, there are many homeless hanging around in them and at times some groups of people who may look suspicious, which at times prevents me from going to the parks.
I feel as if I have everything I need around my area. Although I would not say its perfect, but they serve their purposes and prices are not as bad.
People get their households robbed and the police don't try and fix anything. They also don't try to find the criminals.
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