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Bloomington is a great town for someone to start growing their roots. I moved down here with my girlfriend in 2013 after living in the Northwest suburbs for 20 years. We have since gotten married and rescued a dog. Our families understand that we plan to stay here for a long time. I am working at Afni and have been since 2013. My wife is a teacher and was hired right out of school. The schools in this area are filled with teachers that will do whatever it takes to give their students the tools for success. We are currently in the housing market and there are plenty of opportunities. Whether we want a house near the schools, room for the dog to run, or space to expand our family, Bloomington has what we need. There is no need for us to be penny pinchers because the area has many family owned shops that allow us to keep to a budget and continue to save for our house.
Nice town with everything. Good school, less commute to work, great community, no traffic at all :))
Although I feel like it is a great place to live and to raise a family in, considering I have been living her my entire life, I am ready to move on to a bigger city. I moved to Bloomington, IL 17 years ago from a small town named Galesburg, IL. Bloomington provided my family with so much more opportunities. There's great stable jobs, better school systems, and plenty of ways to be involved in the community.
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Bloomington is an awesome area to live. Wages are high, housing is very affordable, and there is a lot to do. Plus, schools are excellent. The one downside is if you were single, as this is very much a family oriented town. Awesome. Wages are high, oh, and there is a lot to do plus, schools. The one down, very much town. It has a small town feel with mini larger city amenities and if you truly want to be a large city, hop on the train in Chicago is just over two hours, as a St. Louis. If you drive east for three hours you're in Indianapolis. And, world War World Dr., Iowa city is 3 1/2 hours west. No crying, awesome jobs, great people, excellent healthcare and excellent school… It's all right here in Bloomington.
Bloomington is booming town that has several great eateries and shopping areas. We are a Big town with a small town feel. We have one of the BEST farmer's markets in the area, antique malls, the Coliseum and so much more!
State Farm headquarters is located in Bloomington, so there may be some job opportunities there. There are may restaurants, but not really a great variety of food. The district 87 high school is so-so.
The thing I love most about Bloomington is the quiet. I moved here from Chicago when I was about six years old. There was always noise in the Chicago and if it wasn't from traffic, it was from the wind. If I could change a few things about Bloomington the first would be the public transportation. Buses should run later and all through the week. I would also liven up the bar scene. The nightlife here isn't that great.
I lived in Bloomington my entire life, so I might be biased in some way. Bloomington is great for settling down and raising kids. But I find it dull. It has been getting better in recent years, but it still seems to me that the number one thing to do in town is go out to eat. Not much of a cultural hub, if you ask me.
Bloomington is a quiet town where majority of the town works at State Farm. There is plenty of shopping, restaurants and job opportunities
I would like to see more diversity in the town but overall if you're looking for a place to raise your kids, this would definitely be a great place.
The Twin Cities. Overall decent town but not for very long stays I reckon. I have been here 4 years and am ready to move on soon. Chain restaurants with a few exceptions that are lovely. Better off going to Champaign or Peoria if you really enjoy eating out.
I've lived in Bloomington for 18 years and it has treated me and my family so well. There are many job opportunities. State Farm and ISU are what makes it the place it is. Everything you want and need in a family city is there: a mall, restaurants, local businesses, etc. it's relatively safe for a bigger city. The downtown is beautiful and there are factories and museums to visit. It's in a great location -- 2.5 hours from Chicago, Indy, and St. Louis. Perfect place to attend college, raise a family, and/or retire.
It is a wonderful city that has a variety of options for everyone to enjoy. There is an activity for everyone of any age. The weather is wonderful most of the time. The crime rates are fairly low and we have several colleges.
If you like the surburban lifestyle but in a small town then Bloomington is for you. There is an abundance of restaurants to eat out in this town!
I am from a small city and moved here to continue my education. I love that anything you want is right here.
Bloomington is a nice size, not to big but not too small. This makes it easy to travel around town. There are lots of restaurants, which gives a nice variety of places to eat out, but there is not much else to do. The school systems are nice, and there are multiple schools to choose, at all grade levels.
I have only lived in Bloomington for half of a year, but it feels like home. The community is very bike/outdoor friendly. There is plenty to do around this area whether it's inside on a cold day or outside on a summer's eve.
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The local corporate headquarters and universities keep the town diverse and lively. Still a surprising amount of crime for a town this small. Glad to see local organizations and nonprofits being able to openly advocate for those in need, regardless of political rhetoric.
Moving from a small town of 4,000 people to twin cities of Bloomington and Normal, my experience of Blomington has been nothing short of amazing. Everything I coiuld ever want is right here, and I couldn't be happier with this town and everything about it.
I think that the town is a decent place to live but, also getting a bit expensive as well. People there seem to be nice, and it's easy to get around town.
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