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Bloomington has tons of things to do including going to the Mall of America. It's a safe area and also very close to those Twin Cities Outlet. The clothes and shoes are tax free, so back to school shopping should be a beautiful experience! Their are beautiful bike and walking trails! Your close to downtown Minneapolis and about 30 minutes from downtown Saint Paul! It's a perfect location because you get the best of both worlds. Bloomington also has a great school district!
I love Bloomington and living so close to the Mall of America is a lot of fun. I lived directly across the street so I am close to everything.
I love Bloomington. It has great schools, shops, and places to eat. Also, it seems to be conveniently 15-30 min from everywhere you need to go.
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I like the easy and quick access to major freeways. There are several shops and restaurants in short drive times and always full of friendly people. The only thing I would like to see change is rent being more affordable for a college student.
My experience living in Bloomington has been great. There is so much to like about this city, whether it be experiencing the different seasons changing each year, or the calmness the city has. I don't think I have ever had a moment in all these years that I have lived here, where I thought to myself, "Man I don't like living in this city". Most people I know also love this city, and I think it is because Bloomington is located at the perfect spot. We are not far away from downtown, so if someone wanted to go there they could very easily, but were are also away from all the noise that comes with being in down town. If I hear someone complaining about living in Bloomington it would be about not having much to do here. I think there are alot of things to here you just have to look for it, and I think if Bloomington could fix one thing it would be that. To make the different activities that are in Bloomington well know to people.
Bloomington is like a mini Minneapolis. It has all the businesses close by, but residential areas nearby as well as parks and walking/biking areas nearby.
Friendly suburb with the convenience of the city, easy access to interstates, and kid friendly neighborhoods
I love this town! It has a small town feel and a big city tone. Everything is accessible and the traffic is minimal, which is key in the Twin Cities!
I love living here its very nice, quite, and I always feel safe no matter what time of day I'm out walking with my dog.
I am a new resident to Bloomington from Tucson AZ. It is a very friendly and non-assuming place to live and shop. I love the balance of residential and commercial. It's location is very central to anything you may need in the twin cities area. There are plenty of parks and walking paths so a person can safely enjoy nature either alone or with their family.
Bloomington is a suburb of Minneapolis, but offers what any large city can. Within its limit, it has the Mall of America, fortune 500 companies, and a wide variety of restaurants.
I like the fact that it's a place in the suburbs, however parts of Bloomington are a little far from conveniences like groceries and other necessities. It's at least a 15-20 minute drive to the nearest department store from my house, which isn't bad for the suburbs, it just depends what people are looking for. It's a family friendly neighborhood for sure.
Bloomington is a great tier-1 suburb of Minneapolis. 15 Minutes away from Downtown, close to the airport (the MSP airprort is technically in Bloomington), and Mall of America close by! Good schools, family friendly neighborhoods, and many things to do - from public bike trails, to swimming in the cities lakes, to skating at one of the several publicly maintained ice rinks in the winter.
Bloomington is a large city just outside Minneapolis, making home to a variety of people. This city has all of the attractiveness of a suburban community, while only residing 15 minutes from the bustling inner cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Convenience stores are located close to the residential areas and the city is well-kept.
From a youth perspective Bloomington is a very progressive city and diverse, striving city with loads of things to do and full of attractions.
Bloomington, MN has been my home as well as my family's home for many years now. I love this beautiful city's culture and rich history. Bloomington is known for its majestic parks, trails, and waterways; there is never a "boring" day around this town! With so much to take advantage of here in Bloomington, it is worth coming to town to do a variety of things such as, shopping at the Mall of America, fishing on the Minnesota River, swimming at Bush Lake Beach, or hiking the miles of trails our city has to offer. Bloomington has been my home for over thirty years and I intend to prosper here with my family for many more years to come; I love my city!
Bloomington is a very nice city that is always growing. It is really nice because there is always something to do with the parks services, nature centers, the mall of America, and many other activities and places to go in the city. I really enjoyed my time living in such a great place.
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This is a fantastic city. I have lived here my entire life, and plan to raise a family in this city as well! There are various things to do around, whether it be going to the Hyland Ski Hill, or going to the Mall of America, there is always something going on. Crime in this city is low, and I would feel safe letting my kid walk to school alone in most neighborhoods! I would highly recommend this city to nearly anyone, as never once in all my life have I been disappointed by any aspect of the town. ISD271 school district is an amazing place for kids to be educated, and had a marvelous experience myself with the district.
Bloomington is almost like a gated community, it's extremely safe and the public school system is great! Only thing is that if love to see change in the businesses. I always have to go to either Edina or downtown for any fun experiances.
It is diverse, The police are understanding, The businesses continue to grow. They city has made plans for bikers and to make it more green. There are plenty of parks. The Mall of America has also had an update. A lot of friendly people.
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