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Bloomington is a great tier-1 suburb of Minneapolis. 15 Minutes away from Downtown, close to the airport (the MSP airprort is technically in Bloomington), and Mall of America close by! Good schools, family friendly neighborhoods, and many things to do - from public bike trails, to swimming in the cities lakes, to skating at one of the several publicly maintained ice rinks in the winter.
Bloomington is a large city just outside Minneapolis, making home to a variety of people. This city has all of the attractiveness of a suburban community, while only residing 15 minutes from the bustling inner cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Convenience stores are located close to the residential areas and the city is well-kept.
From a youth perspective Bloomington is a very progressive city and diverse, striving city with loads of things to do and full of attractions.
Bloomington, MN has been my home as well as my family's home for many years now. I love this beautiful city's culture and rich history. Bloomington is known for its majestic parks, trails, and waterways; there is never a "boring" day around this town! With so much to take advantage of here in Bloomington, it is worth coming to town to do a variety of things such as, shopping at the Mall of America, fishing on the Minnesota River, swimming at Bush Lake Beach, or hiking the miles of trails our city has to offer. Bloomington has been my home for over thirty years and I intend to prosper here with my family for many more years to come; I love my city!
Bloomington is a very nice city that is always growing. It is really nice because there is always something to do with the parks services, nature centers, the mall of America, and many other activities and places to go in the city. I really enjoyed my time living in such a great place.
This is a fantastic city. I have lived here my entire life, and plan to raise a family in this city as well! There are various things to do around, whether it be going to the Hyland Ski Hill, or going to the Mall of America, there is always something going on. Crime in this city is low, and I would feel safe letting my kid walk to school alone in most neighborhoods! I would highly recommend this city to nearly anyone, as never once in all my life have I been disappointed by any aspect of the town. ISD271 school district is an amazing place for kids to be educated, and had a marvelous experience myself with the district.
Bloomington is almost like a gated community, it's extremely safe and the public school system is great! Only thing is that if love to see change in the businesses. I always have to go to either Edina or downtown for any fun experiances.
It is diverse, The police are understanding, The businesses continue to grow. They city has made plans for bikers and to make it more green. There are plenty of parks. The Mall of America has also had an update. A lot of friendly people.
Bloomington is a great town, not only to work in but also to attend school in as well. Overall, very safe, up and coming and a many great resources.
Great city! There are public parks all over the city. I've been told 1/3 of Bloomington is public parks!
I have lived in Bloomington my entire life. It is a wonderful place to live. Perfectly located right outside the big cities.
There's a lot of cool things to do in Bloomington.We have lots of stores, schools,and fun things to do. The Mall of America, Water park of America, and bowling are some of the fun places I like to go. You can shop or go to great restaurants. Also if you needed to head anywhere out of town the airport is minutes away. Literally food, shopping, fun, and on the go like 15 minutes away!
Bloomington, MN is a great place to live, especially if you have a family. In Bloomington, there is the Mall of America, which is a popular attraction to many. The Minneapolis-St. Paul airport is also located in Bloomington. There are many things to do around the area, and it is only a 10 to 15 minute drive to Minneapolis, where there is a lot to do as well. There are a number of restaurants, clothing stores, work out facilities, etc. Bloomington has anything that anyone might need, and it is an overall great and safe suburb of the Twin Cities.
Bloomington is an awesome place to live, dine, and go to school. The cost of living is a little high but city services are great.
Bloomington, MN is a wonderful suburb of Minneapolis. There are parks and water access within a mile of all housing developments. The Mall of America is in Bloomington and it offers a variety of activities other than shopping. There are many hotels for visiting the area and sites include an Olympic qualifying ski jump, lakes for both summer and winter activities, the Richardson Nature Center, skiing and snow tubing at Hyland Park, and so much more. This family friendly community has access to top ranked schools in the state with competitive athletic programs. Employment opportunities are abundant; however, Bloomington is also a short commute to the surrounding areas.
Hi, My name is Merche Amerie Banks i have lived in the vacinity of Bloomington MN for aproximately 7 yrs and i currently live in Bloomington Minnesota now. I would like to see Black owned restaurants in my community and a change in USPS Postal services and operations&Public Transportation i feel that if Black owed restaurants likeJ&J Fish, Harolds Chicken and Movie Theatres and Beauty Salons are created in the Bloomington Minnesota Community it would create more business and revenue and it would bring the community together and everyone would communicate on a more higher solid level.
Bloomington is an established, older city in Minnesota that is centrally located in the Twin Cities. The biggest attraction is the Mall of America, but there are so many other attractions within minutes from this central hub! The west side of Bloomington specifically offers large homes on large lots, Neighborhood Watch, wildlife, city golf courses and more! It's a great suburb to raise a family.
This town is a very nice and quiet town. There are many places to shop at. This town is near the Mall of America and the air port. There is so much to do here and so much to see. I would recommend visiting this area if you like to shop.
This city could not be a greater city. I have lived in Bloomington for the past 5 years and it has been nothing but wonderful. The sights are great, the school system is one of the best I've ever attended. It's a big city but feels like home to many. I may not have been born in Minnesota or in the US, but Bloomington has made me feel safe and peaceful.
I think Bloomington, Minnesota should be number one of best places to grow up. There is nothing to complain about when it comes to Bloomington. The whole town makes you feel at home because of it's safety, ability to drive anywhere within 10 minutes, and the overall family friendly living. More people should know about Bloomington, Minnesota!
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