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Bloomingdale Township Reviews

25 reviews
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Bloomingdale is a very family friendly and safe neighborhood. There is a major strip mall and many stores and restaurants as well.
I have lived her my whole life and I love the city of Bloomingdale. It is not the place you want to go to for a night out on the town but it does have a lot of family oriented activities in Old Town Bloomingdale. I also feel completely safe walking around the neighborhood which is very important to me.
It could be better but every place has it perks.
The people around are kind, lots of things to do.
This are is great the teachers are very helpful and the students in the school are very nice and know how to make someone feel good when they arent having a perfect day
the quality of parks here is great! I love every park I've been too. it is usually always clean and it is beautiful and accessible too.
I feel very safe in my area. there are not any major crimes to speak off. although I live close to a neighborhood that has crime, it is not prevalent in this area.
The weather around this area is fairly bipolar. Even in summer we will get random days where it is 50 instead of 80. One second it could be cloudy and raining and the next could be sunny.
There are many restaurants in this area that offer a variety of food at decent prices. I could have several types of food from different restaurants in a week and not spend too much money. The options for happy hours and bars are fairly abundant as well.
Employment here is average. I believe it takes most people awhile to even get an interview for an adequate job, especially for those new to the work field.
I have everything I could need within a short mile radius of my home. We have all grocery stores nearby as well as automotive services and gas stations. I would not change anything about this area except for the gas prices.
There are many parks around which is the most important thing to a family with small children who want to feel safe
In my neighborhood there is no crime and I feel safe but neighborhoods outside of mine are often unsafe
I often do not feel safe in my town because police take theft and robberies very lightly saying that it "happens too often to help every case"
Chicago is Chicago. We don't often worry about huge disasters but we have the normal hot in summer and cold in winter issues.
Most of the jobs available in my town are either retail or fast food restaurants and they only pay minimum wage.
There is a decent variety of food in my town. There are your average family restaurants suchas Chilis and Fridays along with unique sushi places and other sit down places that aren't provided in other towns.
The businesses in my town are very friendly. There is a store for almost anything and any store you walk in, the employees are friendly and willing to help.
We have had spats of houses being broken into, but they caught one person already. I would not say crime is a problem in this area. I live in an unincorporated area and would like to see more police presence, especially as I have noticed high school students buying drugs ... while on their bikes!
I have not needed to look for employment for quite a few years, although I will be looking in 2-3 years when I finish college. I do have a concern of not finding a job at that time.
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