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In my opinion Northwest Arkansas is one of the most beautiful places and laid back places I have ever lived. I would recommend that anyone who loves life and wants to live it with beauty and peace should move to this area.
The area I live in does not offer any type of career that I wish to pursue. Therefore, someday, I hope to move into a city where my career interest is offered. The atmosphere is polluted by Eastman. However, there are many places to eat, but not many attractions.
There is plenty of variety in fast food here. We have many major fast food chains. The best ones are the little country restaurants. They serve great food, and you know where it's coming from. We also have decent produce.
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Tennessee is unfortunately, one of the worst places for drugs. There are many drug busts, especially meth busts, in this area. There are other crimes, such as murder, rape, etc., but those are not as bad as the rate of drugs here.
The weather is perfect. It's not too hot in the summer. It probably gets around 90 degrees at most. The winter is not too bad either. We do get some snow here, but no where near like they do up north.
La Caretta is by far the best food choice. The special la casa is the best thing on the menu.
Jobs are available, but they are not the best paying jobs out there.
The police respond within a reasonable amount of time.
Most of the housing is pretty reasonably priced. You can get a lot of house for the money. In some areas, the houses are too close for comfort. In other areas there is a lot of space between each house. It really depends on the neighborhood.
There are a few opportunities for professional fields, but most of the jobs are restaurant or retail. The pay is lower for many fields here than in other areas of the country.
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