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Very family friendly, good area schools and neighborhoods. Ample shopping and retail easy to get to.
Bloomingdale is a suburb of Tampa and can be accessed easily from I-75. It is heavily populated; traffic is severely congested between 8 and 9am and 4 to 6pm. Westfield shopping mall is minutes from I-75, along with numerous restaurants to choose from.
Very rarely do we have Law Enforcement called to our neighborhood. We all know each other and get along.
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I was born in my home. I went to public elementary school, private christian for middle school and now private christian for high school. Our neighbors to the right and left of us have been the same since we moved in. We very rarely have Law Enforcement in our neighborhood. But just down the street the neighborhood changes. It doesn't effect us much. This neighbor was very busy with traffic when my parents moved in. My mom petitioned to have speed bumps put in and when they were installed the heavy traffic eased away.Our neighborhood is so caring that when Halloween comes it is the place to come. We even had the local news here one year. Stores and restaurants are pretty much the same. A few restaurants have come and gone but for the most part it has been the same. It is a quite area with an opportunity to drive 30 mins. away to get to the busy area's.
The level of crime within the Brandon area is thankfully quite low. People tend to look out for one another and although you don't see to many police in the area, they are very quick and professional to respond. In fact, there is a police facility right on the border between Brandon and Tampa which keeps the town a city safe. While no city is completely perfect, crime in the Brandon area ranges from the occasional traffic stop/accident to potential shoplifters at the local mall.
Generally speaking the Brandon area is a suburb of Tampa, so many of the features one would expect to find in a typical suburb are here. The atmosphere is very warm and friendly, from a combination of southern hospitality and the "relaxed" atmosphere people tend to find in Florida. Small business seem to be all the buzz as of lately especially in the hospitality sector so with the small economy booming and friendly demeanor of the residents I'd say that the overall experience for anyone would be a prosperous and welcoming one.
Lots of stores nearby which I like a lot, that's the best part. The people are relatively friendly and I really like that. The area has had much crime the entire time I've lived there which is a comforting thought.
I moved to valrico the summer before my freshman year of high school. it has such a welcoming feel & its a safe place to live.
it's pretty good. nice people and nice neighborhood.
the area is all right, but traffic is bad do to the fact there is one way to get to 301 in this area and people from fishawk, riverview and Bloomingdale are all trying to get through the same area. also they are building another Walmart even though there is one a couple of miles and one on the other side of town; this is going to cause traffic to get even worse, not to mention the people tried to protest against it but it is still being built anyways. one more thing the people aren't necessarily the most welcoming.
local business are very friendly and cater to everyones needs
There are a lot of localy owned businesses and many remain intact over the years but are not kept up in the best conditions unfortunately.
The crime ranges and includes multiple different activites. For example, when I discuss my previous neighborhood people know it because of the drugs. We also had a problem of gangs and animal abuse. There are many things wrong with this section of Brandon but no one wants to help.
The employment in the area was unusual because the area is very packed and over crowded with people. Causing jobs to be scarce and offer lower pay wages bacuse the employers know that they can hire someone else for lower pay, and if you were bilingual you had a much better chance of earning a job position. But, overall the jobs made you feel as if you were replaceable and did not matter no matter what you did.
This community if very pet/family friendly, as it is located within 2 miles of 2 elementary schools, and there's a high school a little further down the road. Many people own dogs. People either live in the area for a long time or move within a few years. Those that move are generally military families.
There is not a lot of public transportation available, and many drivers speed in residential areas.
Very rarely have I felt unsafe while walking around my neighborhood, at all times of night.
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A lot of the popular restaurants in the immediate area are fast food or chain restaurants, and the quality of the food is dependent on what time of day/night you go.
The commercial industry in my area is as it should be, the occasional superstore here and there especially for groceries and drugs but otherwise mostly small businesses. My community is lacking very little in terms of stores, however I would like to see a greater influx of recreational businesses such as racetracks, activity centers, arcades, skateparks, ext. There are too many restaurants and not enough places to work up an appetite!
While I've had a very positive experience in my current community, I've always lived in places that are clean, organized, and well maintained. There's nothing special about my community, not at all, however it serves it's purpose in providing a safe, friendly environment just like all areas of the country should. Yes I would live here again if I had the choice, but I'm the type of person who believes immobility is a sign of fear, refusal to experience the world, and ignorance toward acquiring knowledge.
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