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17 reviews
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Bloomingdale is a wonderful place to raise a family. The school districts are top notch, many thriving small businesses, parks, the library and an awesome swimming pool all in close proximity to each other.
Well policed area so it makes you feel more safe. You always see police officers patrolling the are multiple times throughout the day and night.
Never had an issue with crime in the area
My experience in my neighbor hood is great ! Iv lived in the same area now for most of my life and in the next few years I'll be looking to buy a house here as well. You are really in the center of everything, schools, shopping areas, restaurants the list keeps going.
I have fortunately have never had to have been involved with police and have no concerns regarding crime.
Generally a quiet area where I don't have to worry much at all about crime and such. There are also many grocery stores as well as malls and other businesses that are all easily accessible around this area.
The safety of Bloomingdale is overwhelmingly high. The police are always out and about. You can't go down any busy road without seeing at least 1. The prevalence of crime is very minimal. I have been a citizen of Bloomingdale for 18 years and the only crimes I can recall are a bank robbery (which was stopped) and a few home robberies. However, with the home robberies, the police were high alert mode and the scare stopped. My concerns for crime and safety in Bloomingdale are very small. I always feel safe walking on the streets, even at night.
I am only 18 years old and entering my freshman year of college at Iowa State University and my current living situation is one that my parents chose before I was born. However, I would never want to grow up anywhere else. To say that Bloomingdale is a great place to live would be an understatement. When I get married and have children I want them to grow up here and experience the safe, fun, kid friendly atmosphere and the amazing school system. I have never felt unsafe in my own home due to the neighborhood, and I am very lucky to be be able to say that because not everyone in our neighboring communities can say that. I see a very bright future for this area. Right now the area is filled with kids my age, getting ready to move out and start their own lives. Because of the close friendships I have made with those young adults, I know that they feel the same way I do in that moving back to Bloomingdale to start a family is in the plans for the future. Not to mention the shops and restaurants that have recently moved it to add great business and add to the wonderful atmosphere. I can not wait to see Bloomingdale prosper.
there is a lot of crime that goes on.
it hasn't been the best.
Police are close by but do not enforce many laws
Bad atmosphere, no sense of community, some crime
Much new construction, some homes 20 years and newer, some older than 20 years
Bloomingdale, IL is a great place to raise your family.
I would consider living here again.
There are good places to go for business but also some bad.
There are reputable small business and also chain companies.
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