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Haven't heard of major crime
This area always has different events kids can go to.
When i walk around my town i do not feel unsafe. However, i do know that there is crime that occurs within my town. A comforting thing to realize for me is that there are always police patrolling the town at all hours of the day.
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Although i love that my town is small and conservative, there is a lot of room for issues. As stated in the survey previously, the value of every house around me is decreasing significantly and the crime rate is increasing as well. I believe that the crime issue is only increasing because i hear more and more stories everyday from friends and family about my town, and how people they know got arrested. Taxes have only been increasing since i have move there, and not decreasing at all. Aside from the slight crime issue, i love my town. It is a small village that is composed of many different shops to visit, and everybody is extremely friendly. However, if i could choose to live somewhere else i would choose to live in a place like Florida where the crime rate is low, and the taxes are cheaper.
I've never felt unsafe in my town. Police are always on top of situations and I would never hesitate to call for help.
I'm glad I grew up here and I would definitely choose to live here again. The people are so friendly and it's a quiet, laid back town with tons of things to do outdoors.
The air in this area is clean, and the views in this area are wonderful. Houses are kept clean and perfect, as well as the landscaping.
The living layout in this neighborhood is lovely. The houses are beautiful and the landscaping is always up to date.
After living here for 11 years we had not had any issues with crime.
for the most part, the weather here is not bad at all. We do get some occasional thunderstorms but thats about it.
There are many mom & pop restaurants in this area. Because the town is so small, it allows people to appreciate the lovely food that we offer.
Living in such a small town doesn't give you many opportunities. People who live here struggle to find jobs if they aren't offered one.
Businesses in this area are okay. This is a small town, therefore there isn't a lot to do. Not many people are in this area.
Again, there are not many job opportunities in the immediate area. The town is small, with few successful businesses making people have to look elsewhere for work.
There aren't many stores around the area. There are a few but the majority of them sadly don't make it
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