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I have been living in Bloomfield for about 4 months now and it has been a great experience. There are a lot of local food places and an amazing park to walk in.
I have been living in this small town for over 20 years and love It. The town is very friendly and the schools are great. It is a very diverse town and good place to raise your children in.
Bloomfield is a great and very diverse township to live, work, and further your education, or just to raise a family. Bloomfield, also hosts many various family events, as well as educational fund raiser. Looking for a great way to start a high school student's education, one only needs to look at Bloomfield College. With Bloomfield College being a diversified institution, any student no matter what culture, or background will experence first hand intercultural life as a Bloomfield resident.
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Close to NYC. Mix community. Plethora of restaurants. Bloomfield Avenue in certain parts the police presence are over police giving out Tickets.
I have been so lucky growing up in a town that provided me with countless opportunities, experiences, and different types of people. Watching this town improve in safety and appeal has made me feel a deep sense of pride for where I live. Living in such a diverse town has allowed me to have a taste of the real world, and working with countless different types of people. In the coming years I hope that Bloomfield's safety continues to improve along with appeal to both spend time, and live in Bloomfield. I wouldn't have traded my experiences in this town with any other and I feel as though I would not be as kind, knowledgeable, or understanding of a person as I am due to living in Bloomfield.
While Bloomfield has a long history, dating back to 1812, it could use some work on its public schools. The education standards are very low, especially considering the towns that surround it.
Bloomfield is a fantastic place to raise a family!!
Such a diverse and fantastic town.
I'm a local realtor and Bloomfield Firefighter. I moved here Jan 16 after looking for a home for 2+ yrs. I live in the demarest area where you can still buy a home in the 200s. Right next to the brookdale sect. Plenty of great resturaunts and bars in the area. Very family oriented with lots of activities and parks.

If your considering the area look me up and I'll help you find your next home! Or we'll meet up and I can show you a great resturaunt or bar. I'd love to you give a longer review but they only allow 1,000 characters.
Bloomfield is an up and coming neighborhood with plenty of lovely outdoor spaces, great restaurants, and a perfect proximity to NYC with several train stops in the town. It's also close to both South Mountain Reservation and Eagle Rock for the nature lovers out there!
I am happy that I moved here)), shops are nearby, close to other towns, very cute town, a lot of local businesses. Parks full of people playing around. I join them sometimes to play soccer. love it in here.
Clean, perfect for families, convenient stores are super easy to locate, never go hungry because there is always somewhere to grab a bite
Bloomfield is a very lovely community with high level of sanity and peaceful residents. Public schools are highly rated, Nightlife is moderately
I like Bloomfield and the changes that are happening downtown, but hope that the township fixes up the train station.
I grew up in Bloomfield, NJ since pre-school and went to a public elementary and high school. In grade school I always felt education was a priority and the teachers cared for the success of their students. As I became older, sports and extracurriculars were emphasized and promoted in a positive note. Not only for the youth to find outside interests but to also expound their knowledge and abilities. My favorite part of Bloomfield is the diversity. You can find people of all different races and cultures that it's the norm over there. It's a nice suburb with multiple family parks, neighboring towns with a night life, shopping, and everything to your convenience if you're looking for a supermarket, corner store, dry cleaners, hair salon to anything medical; dentists, physical therapy, doctors, etc. you name it.
Bloomfield is a nice and quiet area, and the people are friendly. The public authority offices (police department, fire department) and post office are located within less than a mile from each other which makes it convenient for the residents.
Great safe township. Beautiful homes and parks, I would like to see more exercise stations in the parks closer to the south end. The town is currently under major remodeling and so far it looks great. Very close to NYC and many other popular cities. Perfect place to live if you want to be close to the "action" .
Bloomfield is a pretty quiet town. It is very easy to get around and has a lot of public transportation options. It is very family oriented and there are a lot of good schools.
Been here for 16 years. It is a nice town, with a diverse and welcoming community. There are many places to dine here, and the education is very good.
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I lived near Bloomfield and attended Bloomfield College, there were several opportunities to spend time walking the streets, shopping the local stores and checking out the local scenery.
Its pretty cool. It's a healthy mix of Suburb and city. If you cannot find a place to live in Montclair, Bloomfield area closer to Glenridge is a healthy medium.
My experience living in Bloomfield, NJ has been fairly good. I like that I don't necessarily have to have a vehicle in order to travel around town. If I were to change anything, it would be to add health food stores such as Trader Joe's.
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