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52 reviews
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Bloomfield is a pretty quiet town. It is very easy to get around and has a lot of public transportation options. It is very family oriented and there are a lot of good schools.
Been here for 16 years. It is a nice town, with a diverse and welcoming community. There are many places to dine here, and the education is very good.
I lived near Bloomfield and attended Bloomfield College, there were several opportunities to spend time walking the streets, shopping the local stores and checking out the local scenery.
Its pretty cool. It's a healthy mix of Suburb and city. If you cannot find a place to live in Montclair, Bloomfield area closer to Glenridge is a healthy medium.
My experience living in Bloomfield, NJ has been fairly good. I like that I don't necessarily have to have a vehicle in order to travel around town. If I were to change anything, it would be to add health food stores such as Trader Joe's.
Bloomfield is one of the most diverse and upcoming communities in northern Jersey. Our close proximity to New York City makes real estate desirable for anyone looking for a reasonably short commute to the big apple. Filled with various restaurants and dinning events, Bloomfield's nightlife thrives on its dinner scene. The public school system is reliable and any parent can feel secure when enrolling their children in school. Our school system is nationally ranked for diversity and sends several students to some of the most elite colleges and universities in the country. Bloomfield is perfectly placed for traveling to surrounding cities and you can find anything you desire at your fingertips.
There is a great deal that Bloomfield has to offer. There have been a great deal of changes in the past few years. The area close to me is a few blocks away from "Bloomfield Center" they have added a senior housing building, additions to Bloomfield College, they have built 2 new supermarkets an Aldi's and a Foodtown that one is closer to the center. I do read about a slight rise in crime, but that is pretty much all over i believe and the Bloomfield Police Dept. are constantly patrolling, so I feel relatively safe. I do wish however that there was somewhat more affordable living.
I have from an early age lived and was raised in Clifton, NJ and I loved it, the community and all. Recently I moved (two years ago) to Bloomfield and I can honestly say the same, the people there are welcoming and everything you need is right there. Whether it’s a restaurant, pharmacy, Starbucks, super market anything it’s literally all within range and very accessible.
I love living in Bloomfield. The cost of living is quite high , but I do feel safer coming home every night. There may not be many job opportunities in Bloomfield, but the access to both entrances to the Garden State Parkway allow for an easier commute.
If you want to live in a very peaceful own, with low crime rates, and diverse people and places to eat, then Bloomfield is the right choice for anyone to live. Everyone is friendly we help and support each other out when it comes to events or spreading awareness. Many pets live her too and people live peacefully. There are lots of concerts and events in the summer and this town does it best to get people involved. I love living in Bloomfield and I can see myself living here for many years to come
Bloomfield is a very safe town. Rarely anything happens here and if someone needs any help the police is on the case. It is a very safe town to walk during the day as well as night
Bloomfield is a very peacefully neighborhood. It is fully of diversityas well as jobs in this area.Everyone is very friendly to one another. There is a lot of events that happen in Bloomfield such as concerts, fairs, and festivals. The crime rate is very low, and it is a very safe town to live in.
I always feel safe here
the brand new apartments are gorgeous
It's very rare that we have high crime rate but since we are close to Newark and east orange we do a good job at patrolling our town.
There is a minor crime once in a while, but nothing to make a person feel unsafe. The police are very responsive and can frequently be seen patrolling.
This is a nice place to live due to its proximity to New York City, it's extremely diverse atmosphere, and its residents. I would choose to live here again.
It can of safe because i see police cars around . There is so many people i see just i do not care so that scares me a little but i get over it. There is paint on the walls but it very nice and i accepted as art and makes the city comes alive. They cops are so cool they are very on top of things and come quick when need.
The place is so nice and peaceful. At night you can fall asleep and not wake up with strange noises. The people are so friendly and open they will help with anything. The schools are so good and the teachers are good and very friendly. It has if fails but what does not. There little jobs here this is a places were you can stay for a long time not a place for a quick places.
Crime isn't really that bad
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