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Have been familiar with Bloomfield, NJ for many years, my family was raised there. Everybody is very welcoming and friendly, most of the population work in NY. Lots of wealthy attorneys and doctors. Very safe!
I love this town and I particularly enjoy how much character the homes have. The downtown area is amazing and the whole family enjoyed the Friday night outings near the train stations, the local restaurants all set up seating outside and there is live music!
Bloomfield offers the absolute best of booths worlds. You are close to the city and still have all the benefits of being in the suburbs. Food selection is fantastic, homes are full of character and well taken care of
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It is a very close nit town and have great public school. Also clean environment. The houses are beautiful and in some areas it is very quite and preserved. Bloomfield Township is a great community to live in.
Great for young professionals. The commute into the city is fast and easy. The Montclair-Boonton line offers many peak time trains. Love the restaurants and bars.
Bloomfield is a very beautiful, well-kept area. The schools are excellent and the staff are knowledgeable, friendly and very willing to help! The neighbors are nice and I always feel safe.
Really enjoy living in Bloomfield, NJ. The people are very friendly. Always feel safe at home. Our neighborhood frequently holds festivals/BBQs. Great sense of community.
Great town, low crime, bikeable, runable, and driveable. DOG-Friendly, amazing people, I feel happy going home every day. Love Watsessing Park!!
Just moved to Bloomfield, NJ. Lots of friendly people in the town. Easy to walk to restaurants/bars. Love the outdoor festivals on Friday nights in Downtown Bloomfield.
We moved to Bloomfield about 5 years ago. We absolutely love it here. The restaurants are amazing. We both work in the city so we love the easy commute.
We absolutely love Bloomfield, NJ. Short commute into the city and the homes are absolutely beautiful.
I like the many parks in this town. It is family friendly because their are many elementary school for your child's education. It is a fairly quiet community. Very suburban so don't expect wild parties or nightlife.
We moved to Bloomfield about 7 years ago and absolutely love it. We both work in the city and the commute via train is a breeze. Great restaurants and neighbors.
Lively and diverse. This town has the right blend of suburbia and city life on two separate ends. The north side of town is filled with beautiful homes with a warm and comforting sense of that hometown feel. Where as the south side of Bloomfield is very city like with many apartments and more transportation options. With a diverse population, many stores, and restaurants one will never be bored and have loads of entertainment with many different faces.
In Bloomfield there are so many places to eat shop and have a silent time to yourself. My experience here has been great but now I am off to college in a whole new neighborhood and community.
I enjoy the area of Bloomfield Township in which I'm located, but there's a lot of variety. Parking can be frustrating depending on where you go, and some parts are overpriced based on proximity to Montclair.
Bloomfield Township truly does emphasize a concern for minors and safety. The township has large recreational areas, skate parks, football fields, baseball fields, and even more. The police do a great job of making sure everybody is safe, on top of that the town has a bountiful amount of small stores and healthy supermarkets.
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Urban decay has set in for over half of the town, if not more. Average standard of living for Essex County – below average in comparison with other towns in close proximity to NYC. No notable residents in the past 20+ years. Average school system and safety is a bit of a concern for your child. Not the worst town in the state, but not even in the realm of “good” either for the high cost of living.
Dangerous water levels are concerning. I've been living in Bloomfield for over 3 years and I'm concerned about the exposure to elevate chemicals in the water (sourced from Newark). The roads are also in bad shape -- the wear and tear on my car is stressing me out.

For commuters, Bloomfield is excellent. In my opinion, this isn't where I would raise a family, but as a single professional it's a good deal. Some areas you may fare better with having your own car, but if you live walkable distance from the train station, you can probably go without.

I wish the town had more fitness options. For the most part, you will have to go to Montclair to find decent gyms and studios (and healthy restaurant options).
I love this community and I particularly enjoy how diverse it is. At night, I can walk the streets and feel safe and small businesses are a major factor in everyday life.
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