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Bloomfield Township Reviews

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A couple murders that's all.
Its a good place to live with great views
This is more for walking and hiking area. There is not much other activities here.
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There are very few places just a few stores, so when you apply they usually don't take because they are full.
We do not really have anything close so you have to drive out a little bit or into altoona for food.
Usually people just walk on the road we have no sidewalks, but the drivers are always carefully for pedestrians.
The community is very friendly area and we have a few events that neighbors help put together.
I live back in the woods, so the housing is not super close, so most people have a lot of land and it is beautiful back here.
There are barely any crimes around here. The area is very safe.
The people here just depends where you are. Sometimes they can be rude because they have been here and lived here longer than a new comer.
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