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I Really Enjoy living in Bloomfield. The community is very well taken care of, I enjoy my living situation it is very comfortable and my neighbors are very friendly.
I've lived in this area ever since I was a little girl. I always loved how small and friendly everyone was. As I got older the town started getting big slowly and slowly. I still think it's a wonderful place.
Bloomfield is great area, great school, great community, we are #1 school in the San Juan District. We come together as friends and family, we watch each others back. We have an amazing scenery that looks over the town, we have high school games that are fun and worth checking it out, we have balloon fiesta event, that travels over to our town to their destination, very cultural and very diverse in this town.
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We have a few "wanna be" gangs. The marijuana usage among teens is not too good.
This area is good for families. The weather is generally good and we don't experience things like tornados, earthquakes, etc.
My family and I moved to Bloomfield my junior year of high school. We left everything behind including family, friends, the only lives we've ever known, it was very hard. If I had the choice to do it all over again I doubt I would, I miss my hometown and everyone there. Bloomfield is very culturally diverse, that is one thing that I liked about living there. I also got to learn more about my culture while living there.
Bloomfield is such a great little town with great people! The oil field is slow but other businesses are opening in the area.
People love the world-class fly fishing and come from all over to see the Anasazi ruins.
Weathers great! We have four seasons, the winters aren't usually bitter, the summers can be hot but aren't usually oppressive, fall is gorgeous, and spring is windy but beautiful.
The local businesses here are a mix of mom and pop and chains - most of the chains are fast food and gas stations, the mom and pops range from the local grocery store to car washes, cafes (2) and pharmacy. Although the local places don't always offer the best sales, I can count on walking into the pharmacy and not being asked for my name to fill the prescription because we're on a first-name basis, and being offered an umbrella-escort in the rain from the grocery store. Alco recently closed as a result from bankruptcy, and so did the construction store, so the only places we have to fulfill those needs are the Dollar Generals - not my favorite stores - and Ace Hardware, which is extremely expensive. Really we don't need much retail, though, since Farmington is just 20 minutes away and, in a pinch, a doorknob, bag of feed or can of paint can be purchased at Ace.
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