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Bloomfield is so quiet and comfy. Everyone helps one another and there are so many things to do in Bloomfield. The community stays pretty close nit and you never really hear about anything that goes on in Bloomfield. The cost of living is a bit price but it's worth it because you get such a bang for your book when becoming a resident of this town. Not much night life but definitely somewhere you want to raise your family. There are plenty of job opportunities and things to do for you children in the area. I miss living in this town and cannot wait to buy a house once I am ready.
I love my hometown! It is just the right size. Small but not tiny. Excellent teachers in the schools. Stores and places to eat as well!
quality people with cute shops and nice antique shops. The nightlife is none existant but this town has a quiet demenor only mirrored by the people who live here. Very diverse in race, religion, and pay scale. Mostly middle class but some upper crust populace.
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Bloomfield has a good "family" feeling. You definitely get a sense of community when living here but there is a lack of diversity and it's a rather small town.
Very family oriented small community, suburban area, not far from Capital city. It provides excellent services to the elderly. It also provides great elderly housing opportunities. It's not far from three or four college campuses, UCONN, Capital Cummunity College, University of Hartford, University of Saint Josephs. It's accessible by public transportation. Real estate taxes are reasonable. Bloomfield has great parks and outdoor areas.
I have lived in Bloomfield my entire life. It is a fairly quiet town adjacent to bustling Downtown Hartford.
It's a small suburb with easy access to near by towns by highway and local roads. There is a good variety of reataurants, shopping areas . there are community parks and centers for the young as well as the elderly to enjoy the outdoors or indoors when necessary.
Bloomfield is a very diverse town; close to the capital city, family friendly, has a movie theatre and access to exercise/gym facilities. School system is slowly moving in the right direction. More bicycle lanes,
I like how quiet Bloomfield is. However, I do think if they build it up we will be able to generate taxes to help our community
I moved to Bloomfield from Hartford, Hartford was this fast paced city a lot of gangs and violence but it was a community almost like a family Bloomfield is a lot more quiet safer but everyone is distant.
I enjoy the simple and user friendly interface of the website. It is very easy to navigate and find specific details regarding scholarships.
Bloomfield is great place to raise your children.

Houses are priced around 80k, there is a local park in walking distance, it's a safe suburb, and there's many educational resources offered by the state of CT.

Bloomfield is also a great place to retire because there are many resources for the elderly.
Bloomfield is a great family town. Big on family and youth involvement and the school system as improved tremendously and is getting better.
The police are valuable at night mostly and are very quick to respond. I am not concerned about safety much but the people here are not exactly trusting either.
I haven't encountered any unsafe activity besides occasional car accidents. It is sometimes difficult to find jobs as a teenager but not completely impossible.
The crime in this area is very low. Its so low that people leave there garage open, even when they not home. I do not remember the last time there have been a crime in this area.
Duncaster is a good area to live in. The atmosphere is clean and the people are very kind. If I can do it all over again, I will love to live in the same place. In the future I see the houses and lawns getting bigger.
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there barely any violence or crime activity in this area.
This area is very comforting. Its quiet and you have your privacy. You don't have to worry about people damaging your personal property nor anyone stealing anything.
Everyone is so friendly. In the summer, we have town events and a lot of people come to the center of Bloomfield to enjoy live music and meeting new people. Pets are even welcome to sit in the park and relax with everyone else. Its also very clean, you barely see ant trash on the ground because everyone helps keep it clean.
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