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What I like about Bloomfield is that its a small town, and its quiet. If I could change a few things about Bloomfield I would definitely make it diverse. Another thing I would change is the job opportunities.
Bloomfield is a fun little town with a strong history and a few interesting landmarks. I believe that there needs to be more local businesses and more opportunities for the youth.
I was born and raised in Bloomfield, Indiana. A very small and clique community. You have to know someone of a higher power to be able to succeed!
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I've been a resident of Bloomfield for about 10 years now, and I feel as if it's a decent place to live. There aren't make close by colleges, or job opportunities, so you will have to be willing to commute. It's safe and stable, so depending on your preference and income, it may be well worth it.
We have a handful of restaurants in our town in which of the one's that we have, there are only one or two that really excite me and I like to eat at a lot. If you want pizza, there is no problem getting a pizza as there are at least 4 places you can get that but that gets old fast.
There are just not enough jobs in our area, especially for new college graduates so if you want to return to home, you are going to most likely have to drive at least 20 miles or more to your job if you want to live in the town you grew up in or just take a lesser paying job in that town.
Our small town is losing businesses because of the economy. We have one grocery store due to one grocery store closing which is the one that would carry name brand items that some people will not buy the generic so now we have to travel at least 20 miles if we want name brand items. We really don't have any retail stores where you can go and buy clothing, again you have to travel at least 20 miles to get to one for these kind of items.
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