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I have lived in my community for 15 years and I love the atmosphere and the people. There are many activities for children of all ages. In addition the school system is rated excellent and I am a product of that rating.
Nice place to live, great schools, very safe. Not a lot of interesting things to do within the community, though. Pretty vanilla.
I was very fortunate to be able to grow up in this town. We are located close to lakes, downtown Detroit, and few hours away from beautiful northern Michigan. The neighborhood where I grew up in had welcoming, friendly faces from both adults and kids alike.
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it's a very safe area, however usually every house has an alarm attached for unusual incidents. While living there, I haven't experienced any crimes or safety issues. I felt VERY safe there
It's a beautiful suburb of Detroit with a cute little downtown and is ranked one of the wealthiest cities in the US. I was very fortunate to live there and enjoyed every second of it. My area had great schools and a high quality living.
The police are very well equipped in this area and crime is extremely low.
The area I live in is very well-off. It promotes a great quality of life but turns a blind eye to areas right by it such as Pontiac and Detroit, which are in need to help.
There is minimal crime in the area, and the police are always on top of any mishaps that may occur. It is a very clean area with almost no graffiti or vandalism, and there is no such thing as an inoperable vehicle here.
In our neighborhood, it is a safe area, where new families can feel safe or where old families can retire for the rest of their lives.
As a new residence in teh Bloomfirld Hills area I have been thoroughly impressed by the community and those within it.
No crime at all happens in this neighborhood at all
This neighborhood is very friendly. Many kids are in the neighborhood which gives an opportunity to make friends. The neighborhood is safe and quiet
Not much crime so that is good otherwise nothing special
Rarely any crimes besides a few robberies every once in a while, but safety and security generally not to be concerned with.
Living in Bloomfield Hills is awesome if you are a kid. There a plenty of kids in the neighborhood and the schools are great. It is safe to ride bikes and play ball. I had a great childhood here.
Crimes I was exposed to related to drugs. I never felt unsafe at all.
There is a huge lack of economic diversity here. A lot of wealth and very visible.
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police presence is great. they do a good job of monitoring area.
Great location to everything we need.
Location to everything is the best.
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