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My community is a very rural area with a population of around 800. Everybody knows everybody and we help each other out around here. When a tragedy strikes our community comes together to help the family in need by raising money, prayer, making food, etc.
If we had the option to not use cars, I think a lot more people wouldn't. But it is pretty inconvenient to walk or ride anywhere
We have a saying, if you don't like the weather here, wait five minutes. It will snow one day and be hot and sunny the same week
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Except for the recent bank robberies, we have little crime here. Drugs and underage drinking seem to be the biggest problem, but they tend to keep to themselves. We could use more sidewalks. I would walk to town and have to be in the road.
People are very outspoken when it comes to their political views. We get info in ALL sorts of ways. Albeit, mostly unreliable, but it gets interesting come election time
There are a few houses that have been for sale for about 10 years. Not many people are wanting to move here. but not many people leave either
The few families that own the few businesses here are friendly enough.
We don't really have anything attractive. The furnaces are probably the most unique thing we have and no one really goes to see them but our local history buffs.
We have places to hunt, and that is about it. There are a few lakes to fish in, and the Ohio River, if you would like to take your chances in the pollution
most people will live here their whole lives. There are people who have traveled the world and still come back. And people tend to stick up for each other. At least within their "clans"
Most people are extremely conservative and extremely religious, but there are also the occasional liberals or those whohave a different walk of faith
I will see people walk around or run, and the community has access to the track at the high school, but there are also people who are extremely overweight and do nothing. We have to travel about half an hour to get any kind of healthcare, but we do have a pharmacy.
I would enjoy moving back here. Even though there isn't much to do, there is a good school system and friendly atmosphere. And whenever there is trouble, there is a good sense of community
There are jobs, but there are few. We have to travel to the next town over to have work.
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