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There is rarely ever a crime or something bad
i would live her again, its such a great place
This area allows many different things to do like go to the mall, go to sporting events and actually know the community around you. It's a fun and interesting place to live because there's always people to meet and events going on.
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There are a couple parks around here that are nice, but there is not a single key feature such as a lake that brings our entire community together around it.
People around me seem to be fairly healthy, but not all-out healthy people. There are hospitals fairly nearby that are nice.
The houses in my area are very kept and pretty to look at. There are not many vacant properties.
In my neighborhood there is almost no crime so there is not really any need to call the local police stations very often.
While it is no secret that Ohio weather is awful, there is nothing particularly dangerous or extreme about the weather we get.
There is absolutely nothing to do after ten o'clock PM in my area. While there are semi-formal chain restaurants near me, there are no unique places to eat or drink.
Much like he rest of the United States, many people are being laid off, but other than that everything seems to be normal.
We have a decent number of big businesses and popular stores, and they are slowly forcing out all of the "mom-and-pop" shops in my area. This is sad because the smaller shops are unable to compete with the chain restaurants and big hardware stores.
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