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When I look around my community I do not tend to see unkept rental units or unkept yards. my mother actually received a notice a little while ago saying her yard was 1/2 an inch too tall. I found that quite ridiculous.
The community in which I live is friendly and open. In my neighborhood alone we have walking trails, woods and parks for the children. I enjoy taking my little brother down the street to run off some of his built up energy over the summer.
Never seen anything crazy happen, police are fairly responsive and don't go after unnecessary things
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The community is overall very accepting and being in the high schools everyone is very close and almost like family
I haven't really seen crime in my area
So far I've had a good experience living here
There are good opportunities for employment.
The public services in the area are fine.
There are indoor and outdoor places where people can exercise. During the summer there are quite a few people out playing games or on bike/walking paths.
The housing in my area is nice. It is quiet and only occasionally we have a car or two go down the road that we do not recognize. It is usually very quiet and a good place to live in with a nice yard.
About once a year we will have a street party, but sometimes will not talk much besides at the party. Other neighborhoods are closer knit than our street neighborhood.
For the most part the weather is find. There are all four seasons of weather here. In the winter it does get cold and it snows. In the summer it sometimes gets pretty warm in July/August. There are thunderstorms in fall and spring seasons but the changing of the seasons is nice and everyone will enjoy at least one of the seasons experienced here.
There are fast food type places and other popular chain restaurants and places to eat. There are also some smaller pizza/Italian places to eat that are family owned.
The local businesses in the area are good. In uptown Westerville are mom-and-pop shops which have a variety of products they sell from homemade soaps and fragrances to family owned places to eat. In areas surrounding Uptown Westerville are more popular shopping centers such as Kohl's, Office Max, Home Depot and many others. If you need something you're very likely to find it around Westerville.
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