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I love my home town so much. Everyone is friendly and willing to help out. What I would change though is the roundabout that they decided their going to put in which I'm not a fan of I will never be able to get home.
It's a quiet little town located outside of Reading, Pa. It has expanded in the last 10 years becoming more suburban. The developmental housing are beautiful yet spacious. It is a growing small town with lots of potential. The neighhors are nice and everyone helps keep it clean. Small business owners can be found in most parts of Blandon which include: nail salons, hair salons, pizza shops, and beer distributors.
There isn't much crime. The vandalism is growing.
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It's an okay area. I will definitely move later on
Overall it's one of the safest places I believe to live. The police although not always visible are always very reliable
Overall I think it's a great place to live. Blandon is a small town so all the kids go to the same highschool. We partner up with the town of Fleetwood as well.
Not much crime in my area.
They keep building developments. The taxes keep going up and the cost of living is going down. Our pays are staying the same. Not good!
My family has never had a problem in this location, however some of our neighbors have complained of vandalism
The area is a great location, not to far from the city but not to close either. I grew up just down the road. It was nice to be close to "home"
It is hard that we don't get a wage increase in our pay but the utility and taxes in the area keep going up. I think that it is nice that the sewer and water bill are combined and that we only have to pay every three months. There are not that many properties that are abandoned in the area. I think that some of the houses are a bit much for the area and how old they are. I have lived here over 25 years and some houses are priced as high as they were when they were first built.
There are more houses that go up for sale then there has been in a long time. There are not a lot of business in the area that deliver food. Which is hard especially if you have a big party and want pizza delivered. More people in the community have pets then I have seen in a long time. Sometimes there are events a the fire companies in the area, but they are small and tend to get very full in a short amount of time.
Things have always been pretty safe here
I have lived here for my whole life and think its a good place to live and raise a family
A couple months ago their were a bunch of people that were taking packages off peoples door steps, that were delivered by fed-ex and ups. I think it is a little disturbing that people can go on peoples property and the cops did not catch them until recently. Other then that incident the crime really has not been that bad.
The train tracks that are about a half a mile away, is very loud and the conductor on the train blows the horn so loud at all times of the day and night it is hard if you work third shift and try to sleep when the train goes all the time. Traffic is awful to get to work on time in the morning, and at night coming home. But the good thing it is very quite that everybody mines their own business. Everyone is very nice and and keeps their properties clean all year round.
its going down hill but living here is awesome
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never had a problem here
have all seasons in this area. can reach up to 100 degrees all the way down to 0 in a year span.
not many night clubs, so the few we have get packed fast, but there are many good bars and you can find one that you like
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