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its a sleepy little retirement town meets modern farming community. so it is what you would expect it has a library and post office a spinners a dollar general several places to eat and has its own little down town area that is very quaint it is a nice slow paced easy going type of town. I enjoy it however the closest walmart is 20 miles away and the only burger place is a sonic.
I like the small town feel of Blanchard as well as the friendly towns people. All i could really ask for more is that put out a pole of some sort that would not inconvenience the towns folk about where they should patrol because a lot of people drive to fast on the road next to the park's parking lot.
Blanchard has a very good school with very nice teachers who make me feel like I'm truly learning. Plus it has several places to eat and hangout. However it doesn't have a lot of activities.
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Blanchard is a family safe and friendly area with the community very involved with Blanchard Public Schools and their students. The community is very supportive of their teachers, students, and businesses located within Blanchard. Blanchard offers many family-friendly activities throughout the year, including parades, festivities and school-related functions.
Actually live in Bridge Creek which is a community but my address is Blanchard. I enjoy living in a rural setting because we don't have a lot of traffic or a lot of neighbors. My school is pretty small. I have under 100 in my graduating class so we all know each other. Sometimes this is good and sometimes it is bad.
Blanchard is a lovely small town, perfect for people and families of all ages. The community is very tight knit. The schools are not brag worthy, but definitely a good small place to raise a family or live to work in the nearby cities.
Blanchard has been my home for years. I have attended Blanchard schools for fourteen years and it is an excellent place for an education. The town is fairly quite. The town puts on fun and exciting celebrations for all holidays. There are never any issues with safety. Kids are everywhere but never cause any trouble. There are enough small businesses to sustain a family and Norman and Chickasa are no more than thirty minutes away. You have everything you want and need in a home without any costs.
I have been raised by two loving parents who decided to move here because of the incredible community atmosphere. The town simply put is one to call home.
Although Blanchard is a small town, it has plenty of the necessities close to home. It's a five minute drive to go to the grocery store, library, dentist, gas station, hardware store, etc. Although it's limited in its selections it still has some variation of restaurants to choose from. For example, Sonic, Subway, Boomerang, a Chinese place, a Mexican place as well as food trucks that show up every now and then. And while it's limited in entertainment and things to do, the town compensates that with held events such as fairs and festivals.
Overall, its a cozy little town that meets the needs of anyone asking for a peaceful quiet life.
I have lived in Blanchard my entire life. It is a good town to live in. I would recommend anyone looking for a small town to live n to come here.
I have lived in the Blanchard, OK area almost my entire life. I love living out there. I went to Bridge Creek Schools and even my children went there for a few years. It is so peaceful and quiet. I also love that I'm able to see the stars.
Nice small town atmosphere. Growing community. Good schools. Many nice local businesses. Friendly people.
In truth, Blanchard is not high on crime. There are always going to be a few people that do bad things, but overall Blanchard is a safe place to live. I feel as though the police do what they can to keep Blanchard safe from crime.
Living in Blanchard has been a huge blessing to me. I have been able to grow up with some of my best friends. Not only have I met some of the most influential people in my life, but the majority of my family resides here too. I would definitely choose to live in Blanchard again. I believe that Blanchard will continue to grow, but it will keep it's homey feeling that draws people in.
Cops are very visible and do a great job of serving and protecting. Safety is a priority of this town.
Blanchard Oklahoma is a very quiet town where not much goes on but it is definitely comfortable and safe.
Blanchard, OK is always having community events and activities, fun for the whole family. I see Blanchard getting bigger and the schools having to expand even more than they have in the past 6 years.
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Blanchard is growing and the possibilities are endless.
No one can depend on the police. They regularly stop drivers for no reason, IF they are even patrolling and not at a local party. Police reports are subject to all kinds of grammatical errors and are often of dubious veracity. Also, the officers can tend to be very confrontational when off-duty, and liable to physically threaten others.
Overall, the housing is pretty much just "meh." Ok.
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